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What if ...

Apr 7, 2020 11:33:39 AM

These days the message #stayathome is familiar to everyone. We work from home, watch online concerts, read books and get quality time with children and family. It’s a perfect moment to stop and look at things from a different perspective.

However, there is a fight going on nearby. On the road, in transport, there is a battle being fought every day. For some, it’s the struggle to deliver essential supplies on time, with increased demand. For others it’s the battle for every load, every order, for drivers, for coping with leasing charges, unpaid payments, a battle for survival. The transport industry has always had to fight, new challenges arise every day in this industry. But today you face your biggest challenge.

So, Dear Transporter,

After another long day you get home and probably also find a moment to think about things.

My suggestion for today; Let your imagination go for a while and think "what if?"

  • What if I had a system for two-way communication with drivers - my employees, now forced to work from home, would use a telematics platform to exchange information with the drivers. I would have full knowledge of the flow of this information, which is in a secure environment. What if, at any time, I could have insight into the company's operations and effectively manage the information flow. Working in an office using only WhatsApp and mobile phones would make it very difficult for me.

  • If my drivers could send secure scans of documents and photos - It would speed up payments, improve cash-flow and reduce the need to send paper documents. This would radically improve our remote working

  • If I could have a mobile phone app for people working from home, I would be sure that they could control the situation on the road and communicate with drivers in the blink of an eye.

  • If I had telematics integrated with transport and freight platforms - I would have full visibility of all aspects of my operation.

  • If I had the position of every vehicle - I would make quicker and better decisions.

  • If I had quick and easy access to driver and vehicle performance reports, I would have more data to manage fleet efficiency.

  • If I could remotely download data from the tachograph, I could reduce direct contact between drivers and employees and minimize the risk infection.
Now, let’s get back to reality. You can't spend your too much of your time on “what if” questions, there are other priorities now. You've made your business a success and there's a good chance you'll survive it.

Today is the time to fight.

Tomorrow, when the sun comes up, I invite you to a deeper discussion on how telematics can support you in both calm and stormy times.

Lukasz Dabrowski

Written by Lukasz Dabrowski

Łukasz is an Astrata Sales Manager in Poland where he supports dozens of companies of all size to transition to paperless communication and improve their fleet efficiency. Previously Project Manager and Business Development Specialist at Air Liquide and Gaspol, he knows how to conduct major operational changes with minimal frictions. Łukasz is also the father of a boy, an ardent football fan and a runner.

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