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Astrata Europe | Connected Fleets




Our driver-centric solutions address compliance, driving behavior, safety, order management and delivery, and communication needs on a modular or integrated basis.

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Our solutions cover your needs for managing fleet operations with heavy goods vehicles, light commercial vehicles, trailers, emergency vehicles, as well as non-motorized assets.

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You can track your cargo and its status or condition with respect to temperature, security, compliance with allowed routes, and more using our solutions.

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We integrate with 3rd party Telematics systems, Back office systems, ERP solutions, Vehicle / Trailer / Tire / Reefer OEM data sources, and more. 


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Our Driver Solutions


DriverLinc combines the expertise of a market-leading fleet management solutions provider with the power and mobile operation of the best on-board computer on the market today. 

Real-time overview of all driver hours with alerts and notification to avoid penalties. 

Advanced driver coaching for fuel management and safety. 

Simplified communication and order management with real-time data processing.


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Driver Apps

Our smart apps with driver-centric approach is the link between modern fleet management, road safety, compliance with legal requirements, quick information exchange and digital order management.

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Our Asset Solutions



TruckLinc is an advanced fleet management platform for heavy commercial vehicles. Get a complete overview in real-time of the fuel consumption and location of the truck. With our onboard intelligent process you can  increases fleet productivity with minimized downtime and maintenance costs. Set geo-fences and control driver violations to increase the safety and security of your drivers, vehicles and cargo. 


VanLinc is the combination of an advanced fleet management system and telematics for light commercial vehicles. 

Real-time information of your vehicles location and route control. Monitor asset and employee activity with precision and ease. Get insight in your fuel management and driver behaviour. Connect every element - assets, employees and customers.


Our Cargo Solutions




ColdLinc is a solution specially made for temperature sensitive cargo. It assures the right temperature by real-time control and monitoring of the trailer. 

The perfect solution for food retailers, fresh product deliveries, supermarket logistics and pharmaceuticals. 


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VideoLinc is our mobile surveillance solution. It is a connected on-board digital mobile video logging and streaming system to monitor the front, side and rear of the vehicle. The mobile digital video recorder performs mobile surveillance and evidence collection in case of accidents using the latest digital recording technology. Get notification and video clips of all of your driving behaviour events such as harsh braking, harsh acceleration and overspeeding. 


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TrailerLinc is our advanced telematics platform for trailers. It shows real-time information about the status of your trailers, cargo doors, temperature and location. It gives advanced reports that helps to be efficient and save costs. It improves your trailer productivity and increase utilization. You can easily replay the route of your trailers and set geo-fencing for different vehicles.

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Our 3rd Party Data Solution



Datalinc, the open telematics service provided by Astrata, utilizes data generated by various 3rd party device and sensors in and around the vehicle, to provide information to the customer regarding vehicle movements, assets (vehicles, trailer, and driver) status, temperature information, and provides reporting functionality in a single form.


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Business Intelligence & Supply Chain



Business intelligence dashboards that offer fleet managers optimal flexibility to view the data they need to make business decisions, no matter the level. 

  • Powerful, interactive and intuitive interface
  • Goal and action oriented analytics output
  • Connect to all your data sources


Up-to-date location and trip progress from own and subcontractor assets on multiple layers where information is shared in real-time with telematics management system. 

  • Exception-based intuitive SaaS platform
  • Trip progress independent of carrier or tracking system
  • Improve your on-time delivery performance by focusing on the movements that need your attention.
  • Subcontractors' performance dashboard to measure their performances.
  • Monitor all transport movements through automated load tracking






Stand-alone mobile workflow management application of today's supply chain

  • Mobile application for business flows around mobile workers
  • Define operations with an optimized flow that also adapts to unforeseen circumstances
  • Two-way interaction on status, updates and reports
  • Integration with different back-office software platforms
  • Generate clear processes for everyone working for and with you
  • Simplify the complexity of workload without compromising details
  • Compatible with any Android tablet/smartphone


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AppLinc allows you to stay connected with everyone who is driving for you, so you have immediate insight in their location and control the effectiveness of the subcontracted trip. 

  • No investment or installation costs
  • Increased back-office performance
  • Real-time overview of activities of all drivers as well as location of your loads
  • Improved communication and ease of sharing information and status with subcontractors

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