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How can a fuel management system for trucks benefit you?

Jan 20, 2020 1:33:19 PM

Fuel managementWhen you think of fuel management systems for trucks, you probably think that the only benefit is to optimise fuel consumption, and by doing so, save on fuel costs. That might have been the case in the past, but is definitely not the case anymore. More advanced  systems benefit your company in numerous ways, from improving cost efficiency to preventing fuel theft. In this new blog, we discuss the different ways fuel management systems for trucks can benefit your company. 

The 3 main benefits of a fuel management system for trucks

We can break the benefits down into 3 main categories. 

Benefit 1: Create an overview for yourself 

With a fuel management system, you can view the current status of your fuel consumption. You will be able to see how much you consume and how much money you spend.  Not all fleet managers have this overview. With a more advanced fuel management system, you are able to view fuel tank levels in real-time, monitor rapid drops in fuel level and identify instances of over-fueling.

Benefit 2: Optimise cost-efficiency in the long term 

  • Reduce fuel consumption
    There are countless ways to reduce fuel consumption with fuel management systems. For example, these systems enable you to monitor driver behaviour and analyse why one driver is consuming more than others. Is it the driver’s fault or that of the vehicle? You can also have a look at route planning: are they driving the most fuel-efficient route? You can monitor if the vehicle has an optimal tyre pressure, more fuel will be consumed if not. By monitoring and analysing all of these aspects, you are able to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%.  
  • Minimise fuel cost
    • Fuel card monitoring:
      Assists with tracking, monitoring and updating fuel purchase information from drivers’ fuel cards and fuel accounts. You can extract an overview of the cost of the fuel that you paid to a specific gas station. This way, you can use that in pricing negotiations to get a better deal. 
    • Alerts and monitoring
      You can program alerts which notify you when, for example, fuel costs rise above a specific amount.  
    • Prevent fuel theft
      You will be able to cross check fuel purchase quantities and locations. Identify instances and location of rapid fuel loss and when too much fuel has been dispensed.

Benefit 3: Conduct regular checks to keep improving 

Advanced fuel management systems can provide you with a dashboard of the most relevant data to compare one specific time period with another. By analysing this data, you can see if the costs are falling, increasing or staying the same. This enables you to instantly see if there is an actual improvement or not. If this is not the case, you need to take different actions and repeat the process.

As you can see, fuel management systems can provide you with a huge amount of benefits. By optimising your fuel efficiency, you are able to save money and increase your margins. This will help your business to be successful and more easily withstand economic fluctuations like Brexit or a recession. 

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Ulrich Prüfer

Written by Ulrich Prüfer

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