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Lukasz Dabrowski

Łukasz is an Astrata Sales Manager in Poland where he supports dozens of companies of all size to transition to paperless communication and improve their fleet efficiency. Previously Project Manager and Business Development Specialist at Air Liquide and Gaspol, he knows how to conduct major operational changes with minimal frictions. Łukasz is also the father of a boy, an ardent football fan and a runner.

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5 fleet management tips to improve your fleet’s efficiency and profitability

By Lukasz Dabrowski on Nov 12, 2019 9:29:32 AM

Technology has had a huge impact on the transport and logistics industry over the past decade. Technological innovations have enabled companies to find new ways to optimise their processes, such as identifying cost reductions and workflow improvements. On top of that, it has given them the chance to add more value to their end customer’s experience. In order to get you up to speed, we have provided you with 5 essential fleet management tips to help you improve your fleet’s efficiency and profitability. 

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