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Fleet Management Professionals

Astrata offers more effective fleet management for transport and logistics companies of all sizes.

Introducing: DriverLinc - Mobile power in your fleet!



On-board and back-office empowered!

The new era of telematics unveiled:

For the first time in history, premium on-board computers have adapted modern tablet and mobile computing usability best practices and combined it with premium, state of the art process optimalisation tools for drivers.


Astrata introduces our latest innovative fleet management tool - tablet DriverLinc! This revolutionary solution helps to make the best use of all your company's assets, winning quick ROI and experiencing remarkable benefits.


Learn more and find out how to combine the mobile power of DriverLinc with FleetVisor portal in order to increase fleet management efficiency in the most effective way.  


Experience the mobile power we offer for your fleet!


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Improving effectiveness in every aspect of your business.

Learn how fleet management by Astrata impacts your business

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Adding mobile power to your fleet!

Astrata proudly introduces the new DriverLinc on-board computer, learn more about the intuitive, effective and robust driver tablet which will make you drivers more effective than ever before! 

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Delivering results and added value to
all transport and logistics segments

All over the transport and logistics market

Long Haul
Hazardous Goods
Private Fleets
3 /4 PL

For fleet management and drivers

Accurate monitoring

Timely deliveries are key in distribution. Direct interaction with drivers is essential to enable an optimised planning. Accurate monitoring ensures efficient preparation at warehouses for scheduled loading, and key performance indicators for the depots help to identify the most efficient warehouses as well as pinpoint areas for improvement. Astrata offers accurate real-time data retrieval, producing clear reports and directives for fleet managers and drivers.

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International long-haul transport

Achieve profitability in multiple areas

The challenge in International Long-Haul transport is to achieve profitability in an area where external conditions are non-negotiable: fuel costs and driving time legislation, the main cost factors. Astrata helps you save time and comply with the ever changing legislation, reduce fuel consumption and make drivers more aware of their fuel usage in real-time.

Safety for the transport of liquid and solid cargoes

Astrata focusses high quality transport services.

The main challenge with Hazardous Goods is to ensure safety for the bulk transport of liquid and solid cargoes. Scheduled JIT (just-in-time) deliveries must reach their destination safely and on time to guarantee continual production. Astrata can help, giving real-time feedback on driver behaviours, vehicle locations as well as providing back-office monitoring, analysis and reporting, ensuring high quality transport services.

Monitor private fleets

Save time and costs!

Managing a private fleet, means spending time on non-core processes within your business. You need to be critical about every movement you make. Astrata allows to monitor and, where necessary, adjust driver activities at each point of delivery, influencing their efficiency significantly. And with RTDS you can replace time-consuming manual in-cab downloads with an automatic, scheduled and secure service. Saving time, and costs.

Astrata for 3PL/4PL providers

Astrata helps to ensure...

For 3PL/4PL providers Astrata helps ensure visibility, timeliness and accuracy, temperature control, backload essential to offer customers visibility across the entire supply chain, however cost control and understanding driver behaviour is also a key requirement. Management, monitoring of driver and vehicle behaviour, cargo status etc., with detailed reports give you insight into issues, improvement areas and cost management.

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Our solutions are not the only key to your success
Harry Butcher
Senior product manager
"I believe that our products must convert real data into real value! This philosophy is achieved by engaging and working with customers to support their fleet management strategies."
Yogesh Bhole
Senior Test Engineer

"Maintaining the quality of the FleetVisor portal, our customers use is the utmost importance to me. We focus to improve quality of it by putting ourselves in the customers' shoes."

Jeroen Kors
Program manager sales
"I like to be in direct contact with our customers and partners, as business relationship is so much more than numbers and emails."

Achim Wostracky
Senior Director account management
"A professional fleet telematics system provides high value to customers, but only an experienced support team will ensure the customer will use the system the best way and will get the most benefit out of it."
We are happy to help!

Building on proven relationships

Learn how our customers experience their improved
fleet management control and new business insights

"Thanks to the functionalities and services of the FleetVisor Webportal it is now possible to better manage these activities. Our productivity increased and we cannot imagine how our business would proceed without telematics from Astrata.”

Raymond Stolk
Managing Director of Transterra Polska

“Going far beyond on-board telematics solutions, Astrata provides us with a real-time decision tool, which greatly enhances the comfort and efficiency of the business.

The accuracy of the data – all of the information about fuel consumption and eco-driving, for example – is very important to Phone Express, as we are now able to get a real-time overview of all data concerning drivers, vehicles and their load, which is useful information to increase the overall performance of the company.”

Emmanuel Leguay
Development Director Phone Express
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