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Government Security Facility and Utilities

Astrata Group | Smart city solutions, National security and Airport Ground Operations




Airlines & Airport Ground Operations

Groundbreaking solutions for optimizing ground-segment operations for the world’s leading airlines and airports via Astrata’s proprietary technology and systems


Ground operations asset management systems

  • Tracking and optimization of all motorized and non-motorized assets
  • Emergency vehicles and response management and dispatch system
  • Integration with all major airport systems



Automatic crew, passenger and equipment transport management system

  • Scheduling, optimization and automation of crew and passenger transport
  • Full driver and vehicle support for crew and passenger transport
  • Integration with all airport systems including flight scheduling and crew scheduling systems


Government & National Security solutions

National Security

The most advanced and proven national security system of its kind in the world is Astrata's HAZMAT tracking and monitoring system. It allows managers to set strict geofencing parameters for travel and conditional rules for vehicle alerts or immobilization for varying deviations from set routes. 

  • Automated pre-approved route, zone and time enforcement
  • Real-time location and violation monitoring
  • Automatic immobilization, alarms and horns upon violation
National security

Utility Management

Advanced telematics for government, municipal agencies and public utilities. 
  • Incident and response management
  • Trip authorization and tracking
  • Mobile digital video surveillance
  • Driver behavior

Utility Management

Emergency Response

Systems for ensuring optimal performance, safety, and security of emergency vehicles including fire trucks, ambulances, and EMTs
  • Real-time location monitoring and driver navigation
  • Vehicle maintenance module
  • Integrated key management system
  • Breakdown records management portal
  • Accident case management

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