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This cookie policy is designed to describe the use of cookies and similar technologies on the website and all pages located at, (hereinafter: “Website”) as developed and maintained by Astrata Europe B.V. (hereinafter: “Astrata”).



A. Cookies and similar techniques


Cookies are small pieces of data sent to your browser to be stored on the device you use to visit various locations on the Internet. Cookies are used to make sure you are able to view the websites you visit as intended by the owner of the website. There are several kinds of cookies, among them technical cookies, analytical cookies and third party cookies. Technical cookies are used to make sure the website they are used on works as intended, for example to store your password for a next visit. Analytical cookies make sure reliable statistics on the use of website may be generated. Third party cookies are cookies placed by third parties.

Next to such cookies, it is possible to perform similar techniques on websites, for example placing ‘pixel tags’ which allow to store information about the behaviour of visitors to that website as well.  

It is important to know that Astrata only uses technical- and analytical cookies and no similar techniques.


You may have to adjust your browser settings to make sure the cookies are functioning well and enabled. These settings depend on which browser you are using. Please consult the ‘help’ section of your browser for more information.



B. Purposes of the cookies


Cookies are placed on the Website with the following purposes:


  1. To ensure optimal viewing of the Website;
  2. To develop and enhance the Website;
  3. To make sure visitors are able to contact Astrata via the Website;
  4. To analyse the use of the Website;
  5. To create statistics about how the Website is viewed;
  6. To adjust the Website to personal preferences;


C. Which cookies are used


Below the cookies and similar techniques that are stored when the Website is visited are shown:



What the cookie does


This cookie analyzes statistics on page performance and technology. It allows us to offer you features like the ‘My Brochure’ or ‘ROI Calculator’.


This cookie collects your screen size, the page views of a certain page of the Website and it collects information about the buttons you may have clicked. The cookie only collects data when you are on the Website.


Google Analytics

This cookie analyzes statistical page performance. It allows us to improve the Website.


This cookie collects your screen size, the page views of a certain page of the Website and it collects information about the buttons you may have clicked.



D. Permission


When you entered the Website, you have agreed to the cookies Astrata uses by clicking a button. Should you want to withdraw your permission, you have to delete the placed cookies via your browser and discontinue further use of the Website.



E. Questions


More information about the way Astrata processes your personal data can be found in our privacy statement Should you have any further questions, please contact Astrata by using the above stated details.


Last updated: September 2016

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