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External Privacy Policy



This External Privacy Policy applies to you when you enter into any Contract with Astrata Europe B.V. (hereinafter: “Astrata”) regarding any Product or when you should want to negotiate or inform yourself on (the details of) such a Contract. In this External Privacy Policy, various terms are noted in bold (only at first use) and capitalized (throughout this whole External Privacy Policy). For the explanation of these definitions, we refer to the Definitions section at the end of this Policy.


Astrata greatly values the privacy of all individuals (Data Subjects) involved in the sale, use and development of Astrata Products. This External Privacy Policy informs you on how Astrata Processes Personal Data.


This External Privacy Policy applies to all legal relationships you may have with Astrata and to the Personal Data on all Data Subjects involved, unless the Personal Data is related to a Data Subject who seeks to be, is or was employed by Astrata.





This External Privacy Policy does not create upon any individual any rights, or impose on Astrata any rights or obligations, outside of the applicable Privacy Law and Regulations. 


This External Privacy Policy applies to all legal relationships between Astrata and Customer. and is applicable for the term of the duration of the Processing of Personal Data by Astrata or Customer. The External Privacy Policy is exclusively governed by the laws of the Netherlands. Should any indifferences between parties arise, then such indifferences shall be brought before the courts of Oost-Brabant, location ‘s-Hertogenbosch.


Astrata may amend this External Privacy Policy at any time. In case the Privacy Policy is amended, the amended Policy will be made available to you through the Astrata website. Should you have any questions regarding the processing of your Personal Data after reading this Policy, please contact Astrata:


Astrata Europe B.V.
Chamber of Commerce: 20094503
High Tech Campus 32, 3rd floor,
5656AE, Eindhoven
The Netherlands



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