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Fleet management: how to optimise your fleet’s efficiency and profitability

What is fleet management?

Fleet management is the management of commercial vehicles for companies that are in the transportation business. Fleet management consists of a wide range of functions: from driver behaviour to fuel management. With good fleet management, companies are able to optimise their fleet’s efficiency and profitability. It also helps them to comply with government legislation more easily.

Fleet management

What is fleet management and why did it became so important?

Fleet management has become increasingly important in the transport and logistics industry. As the industry has become more competitive and increasingly regulated, companies are looking to operate more efficiently and effectively.

On this page, we will discuss:

Evolution of Fleet Management

Benefits of Fleet Management

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Fleet Management Systems

What are the elements and possibilities of fleet management systems?

Fleet management systems enable professionals to better manage their fleet. These fleet management telematics systems consist of 2 elements: a communication port and a software port. By introducing fleet management applications, a third possibility emerged. What is the difference in possibilities between these basic and advanced fleet management telematics systems?

On this page, we will discuss:

The 3 elements of fleet management telematics systems

The difference between basic and advanced fleet management telematics systems

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How do fleet management systems help you to optimise your fleet’s efficiency and profitability?

Fleet management systems make your life easier in various ways. We will discuss the 3 most important areas in which advanced fleet management systems really make the difference for your business.

3. logistics process

Improve your logistics process

The goal of every logistics process is clear: get the order from a to b in the most efficient way. But the steps that need to be taken are not always that clear. Fleet management helps you to break down the workflow in parts and optimise each part.

On this page, we will discuss:

Why you need to improve your logistics process

The 8 steps to optimise your logistics process

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4. Monitor fuel

Increase your margin with good fuel management

In an industry where margins are getting smaller and smaller, fuel management has become increasingly important. With good fuel management, you save up to 10% of fuel costs.

On this page, we will discuss:

Why fuel management is so important

Which variables have an effect on fuel efficiency

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Driver monitoring

Monitor your drivers

Driver monitoring is essential to be able to control your costs and be compliant with legislation. Driver retention is a hot topic in the transport and logistics industry. There is a way to monitor your drivers and not lose them.

On this page, we will discuss:

Why you should monitor your drivers

How you can monitor your drivers without losing them

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Step-by-step guide

Avoid any pitfalls of a telematics implementation


Why choose Astrata’s fleet management solutions?


Flexibility: We offer light to premium solutions. All supported by one platform.


All-round service 24/7: Our service desk supports 7 European languages.


Our systems can integrate with a wide-range of truck and third party devices and data, giving you a single view of all your data.


SLA: We guarantee 98% availability


Experience: we know our stuff and have over 25 years of working in transport and logistics

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