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Can you deliver the goods?


Together we reach further

Our software solutions are changing the supply chain and logistics world! We are only able to achieve this because of our people who are not afraid to think outside of the box, our team push the boundaries of what is possible.


Connect with experienced professionals from all over the world!


Be at the forefront of the technological developments and don't be afraid to go beyond!


Set new standards for Logistics and Supply Chain!



"Astrata gives me the chance to create new business opportunities without any limitations, the comfort zone does not exist, the focus is on solving the customer's pains, it is as simple as that"
Jesús Blanco
Sales Manager
Astrata sr test engineer
"Maintaining the quality of the FleetVisor portal, our customers use is the utmost importance to me. We focus to improve quality of it by putting ourselves in the customers' shoes."
Yogesh Bhole
Sr Test Engineer

Our Values

These values represent us


  • Commit

    Have the ambition to deliver the best result possible. Commit to achieving this result by being fully dedicated to and responsible for the outcome.

  • Focus on Solution

    Look at the underlying causes of the problem that is being presented to us and solve it by focusing on what is needed, not on what always has been done. Use our technology and software focus for the benefit of our customer and ourselves.

  • Improve continuously

    Be critical and learn from what is going on with you and around you. Take these lessons and apply them in your next project or task. Be curious, question the status quo and proactively look for improvements and apply them.

  • Be Open

    Look at what is going on around us and incorporate that into our reality. Be proactively part of an environment where change is an ever-present factor in work, need and outcome.


  • Engaging

    Be completely involved in and connected to your project, customer, prospect and field in a proactive way. Seek out the people you need to get to where you need to go. See the bigger picture of what you are trying to do.

  • Collaborating

    Work together with a team mate, a prospect, a customer or a partner towards a mutual goal. Get his or her perspective, share your perspective and look at what you can achieve together. Align your actions with those of others and work together.

  • Communicating

    Share information when asked or when you think it has value. Listen carefully to other people in order to be able to understand what they mean and be able respond in the right way. Be mindful of the message you deliver and the way this message is delivered best.

  • Having Respect

    Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Take people seriously. Have the integrity to be truthful and open. Empower people to make decisions and do what they do best.


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