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Business Intelligence & Supply Chain



Powerful operational, optimization and automation solution that optimizes business operations and integrates multiple data sources in a consolidated SaaS platform at the center of an enterprise's operations. 

  • Real-time analytics engine with interactive data dashboard and reports
  • Centralized and detailed asset and personnel database records
  • Detailed incident management with investigation history and status
  • Intelligent service, permit, license and training reminders
  • Comprehensive platform capable of pulling data from other systems
  • Compatible with desktop and mobile applications
Adams 2t

Astrata Dash

Business intelligence dashboards that offer fleet managers optimal flexibility to view the data they need to make business decisions, no matter the level. 

  • Powerful, interactive and intuitive interface
  • Goal and action oriented analytics output
  • Connect to all your data sources



Up-to-date location and trip progress from own and subcontractor assets on multiple layers where information is shared in real-time with telematics management system. 

  • Exception-based intuitive SaaS platform
  • Trip progress independent of carrier or tracking system
  • Improve your on-time delivery performance by focusing on the movements that need your attention.
  • Subcontractors' performance dashboard to measure their performances.
  • Monitor all transport movements through automated load tracking



Mission Planner

Stand-alone mobile workflow management application of today's supply chain

  • Mobile application for business flows around mobile workers
  • Define operations with an optimized flow that also adapts to unforeseen circumstances
  • Two-way interaction on status, updates and reports
  • Integration with different back-office software platforms
  • Generate clear processes for everyone working for and with you
  • Simplify the complexity of workload without compromising details
  • Compatible with any Android tablet/smartphone

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AppLinc allows you to stay connected with everyone who is driving for you, so you have immediate insight in their location and control the effectiveness of the subcontracted trip. 

  • No investment or installation costs
  • Increased back-office performance
  • Real-time overview of activities of all drivers as well as location of your loads
  • Improved communication and ease of sharing information and status with subcontractors

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