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Astrata Europe

Astrata Europe

Astrata is a software company with strong foundations in geolocation, telematics and fleet management. We deliver solutions that streamline transport, logistics and supply chain operations and mobile workforce management. Relied upon by over 1200 customers globally, we help you operate at peak performance by improving efficiency and profitability, and increase safety and security.

Recent posts by Astrata Europe

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Astrata and ILIAS Solutions join forces to improve air force readiness

By Astrata Europe on Jan 27, 2021 6:47:51 PM

Next Generation Ground Support Equipment (GSE) solution will contribute to optimisation of
ground-segment operations.
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Sencinet Launches Operations Following Acquisition of BT Latin America Assets By Astrata Group

By Astrata Europe on Oct 2, 2020 11:40:15 AM

Company offers complete portfolio to integrate telecommunications and cloud services with satellites, data centres, SD-WAN and security.

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Astrata boosts its DriverLinc, further enriching driver experience

By Astrata Europe on Sep 22, 2020 9:36:01 AM

Lightweight Android-based tablet offers user-centric design, top software quality and durable rugged hardware. Astrata, a leading provider of location-based solutions for connected fleet, supply chain, and government and aviation sectors, has announced improvements to its DriverLinc® solution, enabling drivers to boost their productivity anywhere and anytime within their operating environments. DriverLinc® offers a wide range of applications that provide essential information and improve productivity in a simple, reliable and cost-effective way.

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Building a digitally anti-fragile supply chain to deal with disruption

By Astrata Europe on Jun 19, 2020 11:12:03 AM


Coronavirus pandemic highlights the case for supply chain digitalisation

Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2nd June 2020 – The Coronavirus pandemic is causing labour shortages, travel restrictions, and significant disruption to businesses and global supply chains. But even if we manage to bring Coronavirus under control, living in a globalised world means that the next disruption is always just around the corner. Astrata, a leading provider of enterprise management software and advanced location-based IT services (telematics), suggests that developing a digitally anti-fragile system may be the solution when it comes to tackling future supply chain disruptions.

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By Astrata Europe on Jun 2, 2020 8:41:13 AM

  • Pushes ‘anti fragile systems’ as a way to holistically 
    track supply chain
  • Targeting Malaysian government and enterprises with complex systems

THERE is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has brought disruption to the way business is done in the world today. But as difficult as the coronavirus impact is to a wide range of verticals, one sector that is particularly sensitive to sharp changes is the supply chain and logistics business, argues the chief executive of Astrata Group.

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Astrata Group Parent buys BT's Latin America and Caribbean Businesses

By Astrata Europe on Mar 20, 2020 7:40:07 AM


New, simplified setup to sharpen focus on serving multinational customers in the region

BT today announced that it has reached an agreement for the sale of selected domestic operations and infrastructure in 16 countries in Latin America to CIH Telecommunications Americas LLC (‘CIH’), an affiliate of CIH Technology Holdings, a Washington D.C. and Singapore based global private equity firm. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to complete during this calendar year.

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Astrata launches redesigned commercial fleet solution FleetVisor

By Astrata Europe on Jan 10, 2020 10:54:54 AM

Astrata, a leading provider of enterprise management software and advanced location-based IT services (telematics), has completely redesigned its powerful web-based commercial fleet solution, FleetVisor, giving existing customers access to the new platform. The latest version of this advanced web-based platform for commercial fleets offers real time information and complete fleet management via its innovative User Experience (UX). The new look and feel enables users to immediately see where attention is required, and to act quickly.  It can easily be configured to a company’s specific needs and adjusted based on user profile and preference, whether it’s for a dispatcher or a fleet manager.

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Astrata’s Mission Planner selected by TomTom BRIDGE

By Astrata Europe on Jul 25, 2019 10:00:00 AM

  • Astrata’s Mission Planner is available immediately on the TomTom BRIDGE Platform
  • Mission Planner is a stand-alone, tailor-made, logistics process and workflow management application developed by Astrata

Eindhoven, Netherlands, 25. July 2019

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By Astrata Europe on Jul 18, 2019 1:08:03 PM

  • Astrata’s Mission Planner application will be available in RIO’s Marketplace
  • Improving connectivity and transparency of mobility related data
  • RIO CEO Jan Kaumanns: “The partnership with Astrata Europe creates another layer of transparency for our customers.”

Eindhoven, Netherlands/Munich, Germany, 18 July 2019 – Astrata, a software company with strong foundations in geolocation, telematics and fleet management, announces that it has partnered with RIO this summer. The digital brand RIO was launched in 2016 by the TRATON GROUP. It is an open, cloud-based solution for the entire transportation and logistics ecosystem. RIO offers an open platform which allows effortless integration with companies like Astrata.

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Astrata enhance telematics features in compliance with the Continental

By Astrata Europe on Jul 4, 2019 5:15:50 PM

  • On June 15, the new generation digital tachographs have become mandatory for all newly registered trucks
  • Astrata’s leading telematics solution is now enhanced with a feature to benefit from the additional capabilities of the DTCO 4.0 tachographs.

Eindhoven, Netherlands, 04. July 2019.  Starting June 15, intelligent digital tachographs have become mandatory for all new registered trucks. The purpose of this new EU regulation is to further improve road safety, guarantee competition in the European domestic market and prevent the manipulation of digital tachographs.

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