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Open telematics: what is it and why should you use it?

Jan 21, 2022 10:06:48 AM

Open TelematicsTransport and logistics companies often work with more than one telematics system and with subcontractors that use many more systems. This results in fleet managers not having insight into all their data in one place and have to switch between systems repeatedly. This is frustrating and inefficient. With open telematics, you can integrate all systems into one platform. This enables fleet managers to view all data in one place and reducing workload and increasing productivity.

What is open telematics?

Fleet managers often use numerous systems, hardware, sensors and subcontractors and have no insight into the performance of their whole fleet in one place. Open telematics seamlessly connects just about any system to one central platform so that you can view all your fleet-wide information and reporting in one easy to use place. 

To be more specific, open Telematics connects multiple software applications. Basically, it utilises data generated by various 3rd party devices and sensors in and around the vehicle to provide information to fleet managers regarding vehicle movements, asset (vehicle, trailer, and driver) status, temperature information, and provides reporting functionality in a single platform.

What are the benefits of open telematics?

We can summarise the main benefits of open telematics as follows:

  • Manage up to 50% more trucks
  • Reduce the resources needed to manage vehicles 
  • Complete visibility of all your movements
  • Detailed monitoring of route corridor and ETA 
  • No downtime for vehicles (fast execution through software integration)
  • Full insight on drivers, vehicles and subcontractors ETA performance 
  • Increased profitability and improved business results through greater reliability and customer satisfaction
  • No employee training costs for different software programs
  • Reduces the complexity of monitoring different data sources on multiple interfaces

How advanced is your fleet management system?

Complete visibility of your fleet is one of the most important aspects of a good fleet management system set up. But there are a lot of different categories that you need to take into account when analysing the completeness of your fleet management system. Do you want to know where you can improve your fleet management system? Download our fleet management checklist and see if your fleet management system has all the functions that a modern fleet management system needs. Download it here.

Fleet Management Checklist


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