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What is it like to work at Astrata?

Sep 16, 2022 9:43:01 AM

My Astrata Journey and how they gave me the opportunity to work in Madrid, Spain!


I was born and raised in the Philippines. I consider myself the most adventurous in our family. That is why few years of working in Manila, I tried my luck and flew to Singapore. I have been to different companies (long and short jobs) but my role with Astrata somehow stood up the best.


How was working with Astrata?

Astrata (Singapore) opened my mind to the world of IT with telematics. My bosses were very supportive of my learning and groomed me more on how I can contribute best to the company. 2 years go so fast if you’re enjoying your work!

Pandemic came…

During the pandemic, Astrata quickly had a plan to keep its employees safe. They have set up a good remote working environment in which we can work from home but still have the genuine connection that we value.

Manila, I am going home!

After a year of working remotely, Airports slightly opened flights and I did not hesitate to book a flight home to spend this course of the pandemic with my family. So I informed my boss formally that I would be spending more time in the Philippines and working remotely. Guess what, the boss said, “We are a tech company and as long as we deliver value to our customers, I don’t see any problem,.. but we will miss your physical presence and our lunch breaks at the hawker places!” (Manila, I am going home!)

When a new opportunity greets you like (Hola! Opportunidad en Espana!)

Another year has passed and the world is slowly recovering. I was now working from my hometown, then suddenly Information of opportunity reached my ears. What I love about Astrata, is that your global bosses are so approachable and so easy to reach out to. Without difficulty, I state my intention to apply for those European job posts in Madrid, Spain!

Astrata gave equal opportunity. I took different interviews and exams but finally got a job! And that’s how my journey to Europe started.


Astrata supported my move to Spain. All the paperwork, my flight, and my accommodations were handled properly, as if they were holding my hand until I arrived last June 1, 2022. I was warmly welcomed by my new European colleagues, and I was excited to finally meet them in person plus explore this new country with its rich Culture!

Gracias Astrata!!!

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