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An insight into Jongeneel's case study

Sep 6, 2019 3:18:00 PM

Specialist in gas transport
Founded in 1956, Jongeneel Transport has operated successfully for more than 60 years and is now led by the third generation of the family. Jongeneel Transport has a fleet of approximately 130 trucks. "We transport dangerous goods, building materials and floriculture products. The dangerous goods department (ADR) is by far the largest. Hazardous transport includes the transport of propane, butane, LPG, LNG, carbon dioxide and cryogenic gases", says Managing Director Ruud Jongeneel. In recent years, Jongeneel Transport has made a strong commitment to digitalisation, staff development and sustainable business practices. This strategy is now bearing fruit and the company now stands out as a professional and modern operator in the market.

Sustainable mission
Ruud Jongeneel goes on to say "We have an active CSR policy, we are Lean and Green certified, and we consciously work according to the People, Planet, Profit principle. We have been doing this for years out of conviction and the continued existence of our family business". In addition to making its fleet of LNG-powered trucks more sustainable, Jongeneel Transport also relies on the professionalism of its drivers. "From experience, we have seen that coaching our drivers on professional driving behaviour leads directly to lower fuel consumption and thus to lower CO2 emissions. Besides, it contributes to lower maintenance costs, less risk of accidents and potentially lower insurance costs. Moreover, a positive image of our company."

Jongeneel Transport uses Astrata's Fleet Management solution for planning optimisation and to gain insight into the driving behaviour of its drivers. Ruud Jongeneel: "Continuous coaching is essential to achieve consistent high-grade driving performance. Personal coaching takes a lot of time and attention. We are always willing to invest the required energy, but it is difficult to obtain the right information from such a large amount of data, although every day has its new challenges. That's why we've been working with SD Insights alongside Astrata since August 2018. With the driving behaviour coaching service, NEXTdriver, the drivers receive personal coaching on their driving behaviour, and that takes considerable work off our hands".

This personalised driver interaction is welcomed by the drivers and they take personal responsibility for their driving behaviour. "Thanks to the data that we receive from Astrata for the entire fleet in a uniform manner, and the insight that we get from NEXTdriver, we can already see that our drivers are more aware of their driving behaviour and the effect on fuel consumption. For example, many drivers are surprised by their figure for idling and realise that they, often unconsciously, waste more than 10 litres of fuel per week," says Jasper Pauwelussen, CTO of SD-Insights. This aspect alone means an annual savings potential of tens of thousands of euros.  Add to that the potential cost reductions from fuel usage, maintenance, vehicle damage and CO2 emissions (from accelerating and braking less harshly, rolling out and increased use of cruise control) and the solution quickly pays for itself.

Astrata has also started working with SD Insights And according to Martijn Koch, Astrata's sales manager, "SD Insights gets added value from the data. They focus on the driver. By recognising patterns in driving behaviour and by personally coaching the driver, SD-Insights contributes to the sustainable employability of employees. The combination of smart behavioural interventions, data analysis and the use of AI means that they go much further in optimising a vehicle fleet".

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