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Objective of the project
The general objective of the project is to simplify and propose the correct planning and scheduling of work inside the transportation sector based on various types of data input. The planning of which vehicle goes where, when and by who is a difficult question to answer. Astrata has access to a lot of data that has, until now, mostly showed what is happening on the field. The aim of this project is to provide meaningful feedback to transportation companies to help them decide what are the next steps they need to take to plan their work as efficiently as possible with the resources available to them.
Specific Objectives
O1: Set up alerts & notifications to display what is happening in real-time on the field, allowing dispatchers to take immediate actions.
O2: Set up geofencing zones to have automatic actions triggered when an asset approaches, enters, and leaves a point of interest.
O3: Implement descriptive reports and diagnostic summaries of real-time data collected and processed by our platform.
O4: Planification of routes taking vehicle restrictions into account and provide drivers with these calculated routes.
O5: Analysis of data acquisition infrastructure, analysis of the tools for transformations and the realization of predictive models.
O6: Implement an interface that, through route parameters, shows the most suitable drivers and vehicle to execute said route.
O7: Implement an interface that shows the maintenance status of vehicles, mechanical failure alerts and component failure prediction
O8: Implement an interface that shows possible incidents of the routes in progress and early warnings of delays.