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Fuel Management

Save fuel with smart systems!

  • How do you manage your fuel consumption?
  • How do you take real control of your CO2 emissions?
  • Do you encourage safe and economical driving performance?

With Astrata fleet management solutions you can improve fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, road and driver safety.


Taking control of the throttle saves fuel and is safer

Get in control of your fuel consumption and driver behaviour

  • Dedicated services can reduce fuel consumption and make drivers more aware of their fuel usage in real-time.
  • Improving driving styles reduces accidents, cuts fuel consumption and associated CO2 emissions, and minimises maintenance costs (particularly gears, transmission and tires).
  • On-the-job training reduces driver training costs while increasing driver utilisation rates.
  • Advice that leads to fuel savings of 5 to 8% which, with fuel accounting on average for over a third of operating costs, means that the savings quickly pay for the system.
  • Improved insights provide comprehensive KPI monitoring and reporting on numerous processes

Smart insights to improve your performance

Streamline your business with smart fleet management analytics.

  • Learn how your drivers behavior is improving over time, with clear statistics and detailed insights
  • Learn how much fuel a vehicle has used during a trip or over a selectable period of time
  • Compare drivers on their performance and learn where your fleet can improve.
  • Always know how much and where and when your drivers refueled
  • Save up to 8% on fuel consumption

Results Matter

"Astrata helps us achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, using the KPI reports and Driver Coach. In addition to offering key commercial advantages, this can also be seen as reaffirmation of our commitment to the environment."

Santiago Laredo
Founding partner Hermanos Laredo

“Going far beyond on-board telematics solutions, Astrata provides us with a real-time decision tool, which greatly enhances the comfort and efficiency of the business”. "The accuracy of the data – all of the information about fuel consumption and eco-driving, for example – is very important to Phone Express, as we are now able to get a real-time overview of all data concerning drivers, vehicles and their load, which is useful information to increase the overall performance of the company.”

Emmanuel Leguay
Development Director Phone Express

"The key benefit to choosing Iveco is that it is a vehicle that we know and trust. Another key addition is Iveco’s Driving Style Evaluation tool, which is fitted in all of the new vehicles, enabling drivers to improve their driving performance in real time and, as a result, to optimise their fuel efficiency – a tool which Iveco says can generate fuel savings of between 5 per cent and 12 per cent."

Sean Wilson
National Contract Manager Clipper Logistics

Our key products and features

Enabling transport companies to reduce fuel consumption by up to 8%!

Driver Coach

Driver Coach can help your drivers to reduce their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while also increasing road and driver safety. The real-time driver coaching in-cab, based on the behavioural targets per driver, steer your drivers to their ‘ideal’ driving behaviour. Resulting in up to 8% less fuel consumption!

Advanced Driver Behaviour reporting

Astrata’s Advanced Driver Behaviour Reporting (ADBR) enables you to reduce fuel consumption significantly. Besides cutting fuel consumption this improves driving safety and reduces maintenance bills and environmental footprint.

Driver Style

Driver Style Evaluation (DSE) is a unique IVECO Stralis Hi-Way solution, which coaches drivers on how to reduce fuel consumption.


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