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The most effective fleet management system
Did you know that:
  • Fleet management impacts between 70 and 85% of all transport companies’ operating costs
  • Investments in Fleet Management often repay within 8 to 12 months
  • FleetVisor, Astrata’s fleet management system enables cost reduction and process improvements

Learn how FleetVisor will enable you to take full control of your business and service levels!

Fleet management by Astrata
Gain control of your fleet

Drivers and dispatchers share work assignments seamless and in real-time, but also share performance reports allowing for constructive improvement feedback cycles.

Reduce costs by up to 15%
Create the insights to become more effective

Fleet management by Astrata can impact between 70% and 85% of all your operational costs. Think about reduced fuel consumption, increased back-office efficiency and much more.

Always on track
See and control your fleet's activities, real-time

FleetVisor supports the dispatchers in many different ways, integrated control over your fleet allowing for:

  • One overview of all your vehicles
  • Direct messaging
  • Assignment/order and route sharing
  • Automated tachograph downloads
  • Driver performance reporting 
  • Dedicated business reporting allows for an increase by up to 50% of the dispatcher's workload.

Making fleets more effective

The enabler to transform and optimize your business giving;

  • The core of your integration project, automating manual processes
  • A single web based overview of all trucks and trailers in real time
  • Including those of subcontractors
  • Direct communication with all drivers, reducing mobile phone and roaming costs
  • Easy to interpret or pre-interpreted statistics and real-time data
  • Strong analytics and reporting tools create business insights
  • All with a unique 98% uptime, contractual guarantee

Experience the benefits of more effective fleet management, see how Astrata enables you to reduce your operating costs by up to 15%!

Astrata fleet management solutions
Track & Trace

Track and trace offers the basis for efficient fleet management, combining location based information with vehicle, driver and load status updates. 

Location based services

With Track & Trace considerable value and detail is added to services like Guided Navigation, Geofencing, historic routes and POI tracking. Services that enable more control, a higher fleet  and asset efficiency rate and customer service levels. 

Route Control

Astrata fleet management solutions give you real-time visibility of how the day's plan is progressing, increasing your customer service levels.


With Astrata fleet management solutions you can improve efficiency, easily comply with legislation and reduce cost. 

Remotely and fully automatically downloads of your tachograph data, both Driver Card and Mass Memory.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics provide detailed, reliable and insightful information and reports about the fleets and drivers performance to enable continuous improvement cycles and reduce costs while increasing service levels.

Fuel Management

With Astrata fleet management solutions  you can improve fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, road and driver safety. 

Learn how your drivers behavior is improving over time, with clear statistics and detailed insights

Trailer & reefer management

Learn how you can increase trailer and reefer utilisation rates, while increasing the quality and service standards of your transport activities. Delivering your cargo securely, safely and continuously refrigerated to your destination. 

Trip reports

Learn how a driver and vehicle performed per trip or day and start improving your fleet and driver efficiency.

Our key products and features

These key services will enable you to take control of your business

Driver Coach

Driver Coach monitors and provides real-time feedback on driver behavior, allowing for a reduction of fuel usage up to 8%.
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Remotely and fully automatically downloads of your tachograph data, both Driver Card and Mass Memory
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Workflow structures and automates your communication process between driver and back-office saving roaming costs and integration with over 50 TMS suppliers.
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Astrata’s Advanced Driver Behaviour Reporting (ADBR) enables you to reduce fuel consumption significantly. Besides cutting fuel consumption this improves driving safety and reduces maintenance bills and environmental footprint.
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Shell FuelSave Partner

Astrata and Shell FuelSave partner to enable modern and effective fleet management for Shell FuelSave customers.

BP and ARAL FleetMove
Astrata and BP and ARAL partner to enable modern and effective fleet management for BP and ARAL customers.
Fleet Performance Truck
Orange offers FleetVisor and possibly OmniExpress to enable modern and effective fleet management for Orange customers.

VDO Fleet Management
VDO offers a dedicated fleet management offering using FleetVisor and OmniExpress to enable modern and effective fleet management for VDO customers.
IVECO IveConnect and DSE
Astrata and IVECO partner to offer unique and integrated telematics services in the IVECO Hi-Way STRALIS EURO 6 models..
Learn more about their unique offerings
Together we're Better: Integration
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Proven Partnerships
Learn how our customers experience their improved
fleet management control and new business insights

Proven partnerships

“As an early adopter of first-generation telematics solution EutelTRACS, back in 1991, Vos Logistics has developed itself into an innovative logistics provider. The strength of the company lies in its combination of innovative skills in both transport and logistics, and a sharp focus on quality and service.

We chose Astrata again as our fleet management provider because of its outstanding and dependable service at attractive prices. Together we can develop new and innovative products that are designed to fit our needs and contribute to our high degree of customer satisfaction, enabling prompt delivery times, low loss rates and value for money.”

Ben Vos
CFO at Vos Logistics

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