The most effective fleet management system for all vehicles and partners

Did you know that:
  • Fleet management impacts between 70 and 85% of all transport companies’ operating costs
  • Investments in Fleet Management often repay within 8 to 12 months
  • FleetVisor, Astrata’s fleet management system enables cost reduction and process improvements
Learn how FleetVisor will enable you to take full control of your business and service levels!

Making fleets more effective

The enabler to transform and optimize your business giving;

  • The core of your integration project, automating manual processes
  • A single web based overview of all trucks and trailers in real time
  • Including those of subcontractors
  • Direct communication with all drivers, reducing mobile phone and roaming costs
  • Easy to interpret or pre-interpreted statistics and real-time data
  • Strong analytics and reporting tools create business insights
  • All with a unique 98% uptime, contractual guarantee

Experience the benefits of more effective fleet management, see how Astrata enables you to reduce your operating costs by up to 15%!

Our key products and features

These key services will enable you to take control of your business

Driver Coach

Driver Coach monitors and provides real-time feedback on driver behavior, allowing for a reduction of fuel usage up to 8%.


Remotely and fully automatically downloads of your tachograph data, both Driver Card and Mass Memory


Workflow structures and automates your communication process between driver and back-office saving roaming costs and integration with over 50 TMS suppliers.

Driver, Fuel and CO2 Reporting

Gain reliable insight in how your drivers are driving, and how much fuel they use, including detailed overviews of your fleet’s CO2 emission

Delivering results and added value
to all transport and logistics segments

All over the transport and logistics market

Financing and ROI
Data availability
Customer support
Robust on-board computers, that enable your driver to become much more effective and provide detailed vehicle data to your back-office and the powerful FleetVisor fleet management portal.

  • Atex certified
  • Black-box only setup possible
  • Clear 7-inch screen
  • Directly integrated onto your vehicles FMS
  • Vehicle independent
Astrata offers direct integration with over 50 TMS suppliers, but also a wide range of Advanced Salary systems and Tachograph management software. Taking the complexity out of IT.

  • Over 50 TMS integrations available
  • Full integration with for example TIS-Web
  • A dedicated integration team
  • Unique collaboration partnerships between VDO and Astrata
  • Also available for third party vendors or clients!
We help you build the businesscase for your fleet management solution and investment. Astrata offers a range of financing options besides a strong pricing offering. The ROI tool gives full insight in the expected ROI of your dedicated solution

  • Choose one of our attractive fleet management products
  • Financing is made easy for you
  • Dedicated ROI tool that provides full insight in the expected ROI for your set-up
  • Learn what fleet management will do for your company
Astrata’s data centres are designed and managed with the highest safety precautions. Your data is available 24/7 365 days per year using a simple internet connection. Astrata offers a unique 98% uptime guarantee, ask for more information!

  • ISO 9001: 2008 certified Data Centre
  • AMS-XI certified Data Centre
  • Chapter 9 compliant Data Centre
  • 24/7 access to your data and fleet management information
  • Unique 98% uptime guarantee
Two Astrata teams are there to ensure you get the most out of your fleet management solution. Our hotline team is there to support on a day-to-day basis for technical support. And account management helps you to become more effective over time

  • Multilanguage hotline support
  • Dedicated, regional account managers
  • Skilled back-office teams
  • Reachable 24/7 if needed
  • Never worry about your uptime
Shell FuelSave Partner
Astrata and Shell FuelSave partner to enable modern and effective fleet management for Shell FuelSave customers.
BP and ARAL FleetMove
Astrata and BP and ARAL partner to enable modern and effective fleet management for BP and ARAL customers.
Fleet Performance Truck
Orange offers FleetVisor and possibly OmniExpress to enable modern and effective fleet management for Orange customers.

VDO Fleet Management
VDO offers a dedicated fleet management offering using FleetVisor and OmniExpress to enable modern and effective fleet management for VDO customers.
IVECO IveConnect and DSE
Astrata and IVECO partner to offer unique and integrated telematics services in the IVECO Hi-Way STRALIS EURO 6 models..
Learn more about their unique offerings
Proven Partnerships
Learn how our customers experience their improved
fleet management control and new business insights

Proven partnerships

“As an early adopter of first-generation telematics solution EutelTRACS, back in 1991, Vos Logistics has developed itself into an innovative logistics provider. The strength of the company lies in its combination of innovative skills in both transport and logistics, and a sharp focus on quality and service.” “We chose Astrata again as our fleet management provider because of its outstanding and dependable service at attractive prices. Together we can develop new and innovative products that are designed to fit our needs and contribute to our high degree of customer satisfaction, enabling prompt delivery times, low loss rates and value for money.”
Ben Vos
CFO at Vos Logistics

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