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TruckLinc Black Box
Real-time driving insights and process oriented information


Would you like to achieve full potential of your fleet and reduce your operational costs by up to 15%?


All you need to do is to take better control of the entire fleet, increasing efficiency of all your company’s assets and improving management of all activities.



With TruckLinc black box you can make a significant positive impact at every level of your organisation

Get in control of your fleet and operational costs: Increase your assets’ efficiency


How much time do your drivers spend on waiting around or on unauthorized breaks? And how much time and fuel is lost by using less-than-optimal routes? With TruckLinc you can eliminate all the waste and optimise efficiency to achieve the full potential of your fleet.

Here’s how

TruckLinc vehicle unit is connected to a vehicle’s FMS/CAN bus and tachograph. It therefore knows exactly where a vehicle is, how fast it is travelling, how the brakes are being used, and more… in fact everything you need to know to minimise costs and maximise customer service.
TruckLinc transmits all of this data via a high-speed data connection to a secured FleetVisor web portal. Here you can see how your assets are being used in real-time. And if there is any incorrect and/or uneconomical driving behaviour, you can coach your driver to improve his performance.
This and many more additional services like RTDS, Workflow and Image Capturing add additional value to your daily operations. Moreover, the back-office fleet management webportal set-up allows you to cut back costs significantly as well as increase customer service levels and your bottom line result!
TruckLinc black box
Major benefits and added value...
  • Improved operational cost management and significant cost reduction up to 15%
  • Direct tachograph connection enabling automatic remote downloads and easier compliance with dynamically changing regulations
  • Increased drivers’ productivity and efficiency
  • Increased overall fleet productivity
  • Minimised downtime & decreased maintenance costs
TruckLinc black box
Major benefits and added value...
  • Improved back-office performance and reduced administration 
  • Improved customer service and increased customers’ satisfaction
  • Increased safety and security of drivers, vehicles and cargo
  • Rapid return on investment
Solutions that are enabled by TruckLinc
These features will really add value to your fleet management solution:


DriverLinc opens up a new generation of on-board computing and fleet management. Easy and intuitive to use while driving, while combining the power of a fleet management premium solutions provider with the power and mobile usage of the best working tablet available on the market today.


FleetVisor shows you all your vehicles’ and drivers’ performance metrics in clear and understandable graphics: everything you need to know to eliminate waste and maximise productivity. FleetVisor is so easy to use, you will be making savings and improving operations from day one.


TripMonitor enables you to gain insight into ETA performance of your transport activities, both those executed by own fleet, as well as sub-contracted vehicles, regardless of their telematics system. Management by exception focuses on underperforming assets, with clear colour-coded overview.


Ever thought what a difference it would make to have an easy, secure and automated driver card and mass memory download process? RTDS enables fleet managers to download driver card and mass memory data remotely, securely and seamlessly with the company card still inserted in the back office.

Are you ready to start your telematics project?

Hear what other people say about our solutions


“We noticed that more and more customers were requesting information on the exact location of their goods and actual delivery times. We choose Route Control by Astrata not only for the favourable pricing, but also for the scalability of the on-board computer from Astrata for both the back-office as well as for the drivers.”

Jean- Charles Ruiz,
Fleet manager Lacassagne transport


"Astrata helps us achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, using the KPI reports and Driver Coach. In addition to offering key commercial advantages this can also be seen as reaffirmation of our commitment to the environment."

Santiago Laredo
Founding partner Hermanos Laredo


“We chose Astrata again as our fleet management provider because of its outstanding and reliable service at attractive prices. Together we can develop new and innovative products that are designed to fit our needs and contribute to our high degree of customer satisfaction, enabling prompt delivery times, low loss rates and value for money.”

Ben Vos
CFO Vos Logistics