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Control your on-time-delivery performance


TripMonitor enables you to gain insight into ETA performance of your transport activities, both those executed by own fleet, as well as sub-contracted vehicles, regardless of their telematics system.


Management by exception focuses on underperforming assets, with clear colour-coded overview.

Solution for 3PL / 4PL


With TripMonitor you have full visibility of all of your loads and trips with subcontractors and your own vehicles, independent of their in-cab hardware. TripMonitor allows you to focus on the movements that need attention and it can help increase the number of vehicles managed per dispatcher by up to 50%.


Solution for Transporters


TripMonitor presents one complete overview of planned trips and their execution, focusing on those transports that require attention and are in danger of falling out of planned schedules.


It gives you a perfect overview of all ETA and potential risk of delays, enabling you to take immediate actions and communicate necessary arrangement to your customers.


The smartest way to focus on your loads

Improve your on-time-delivery performance


  • ETA prediction
  • Corridoring
  • Automatic trip assignment
  • Automatic Alerting
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Management by exception
  • Subcontractor management and performance monitoring
  • Compatible with more than 70 telematics providers


Clear operational overview


TripMonitor operates on a management-by-exception basis, only focusing on the trips that are not aligned with the planning. It provides in a very early stage, real-time updates on the estimated time of arrival (ETA) and shows the route corridor, monitoring the route driven compared with the planned route.


It can monitor the loads from all vehicles, both yours or the one of your subcontractors, whether they are equipped with an Astrata or another telematics system. 


TM Green






Benefits for your business:


  • Up to 50% more vehicles managed per dispatcher 
  • Full control overview of all your movements
  • Detailled monitoring of route corridor and ETA
  • Advanced delay anticipation with proactive notifications
  • Real time asset location and trip progress from more than 70 different telematics providers
  • Full insight on drivers, vehicles and subcontractors ETA performance
  • Increased profitability and improved business results through greater reliability and customer satisfaction.

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