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Trip Monitor
The best possible information on subcontractor performance


Trip Monitor enables you to improve on-time delivery, increase customer satisfaction and helps you maximise your operating results. Gain insight in ETA’s and compare your subcontractors performance, regardless of their telematics system.


The smartest way to focus on your loads














Improve your on-time-delivery performance


Get connected with your subcontractor

More and more transport companies and manufacturers are choosing to outsource their transportation activities. But what if your subcontractors are not proceeding according to plan, and you are not able to provide accurate information to your customers about the status of their load?

Clear operational overview

TripMonitor monitors the actual progress of each vehicle in real-time against the planned route and timing. It can monitor the loads from all your subcontractors, whether their trucks are equipped with an Astrata on-board computer or another telematics system. Through a series of alerts, you can even tell whether a truck is late departing or runs other trip-related operational risks.




TripMonitor operates on a management-by-exception basis, only focusing on those subcontractors that are not aligned with the planning. It provides in a very early stage, real-time updates on the estimated time of arrival (ETA) and shows the route corridor, monitoring the route driven compared with the planned route.

Keep customers happy

TripMonitor offers you the best possible information on subcontractor performance. It will significantly improve your on-time-delivery, increase your customer satisfaction levels and enable you to maximise your operating results.

Benefits for your business:


  • More efficient management of all transport movements through automated load tracking and exception management.
  • Detailled monitoring of compliance to route corridor and ETA by subcontractor.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and load security through proactive notifications of load status issues or early intervention to recover from delays.
  • Always up-to-date information about location and trip progress from subcontractors without any manual input and whatever their telematics equipment.
  • Possibility to perform detailed evaluations of subcontractor performance and monitor compliance with service level agreements.
  • Increased profitability and improved business results through greater reliability and customer satisfaction.
Trip Monitor
The smartest way to focus on your loads


With TripMonitor you have full visibility of all of your outsourced loads and trips with subcontractors, independent of their in-cab hardware. TripMonitor allows you to focus on the movements that need attention and it can help increase the number of vehicles managed per dispatcher by up to 100%.




FleetVisor: The smartest way to focus on logistics

Integrate all your back-office processes for more effective fleet management


Our FleetVisor Fleet Management System gives managers real-time overview and control of drivers and assets. FleetVisor shows you all your vehicles’ and drivers’ performance metrics in clear figures and simple graphics: everything you need to know to eliminate waste and maximise productivity.
Simple and scalable from 1 to 10.000 drivers and trucks, FleetVisor is fully integrated with over 75 Transport Management System suppliers.
FleetVisor improves your business on three levels: operational overview, management control and business insights. And almost uniquely within the industry, it is backwards compatible for easy upgrade.


Learn more about FleetVisor here.

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