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Astrata introduces its Tyre Control Service which allows transport and logistics companies to precisely monitor the state of all tyres in all trucks and trailers of their fleet. New service is available now on DriverLinc on-board computer.


The service is fully integrated with ContiPressureCheck solution from Continental.


Challenges of the market

Having a complete visibility of tyre condition can reduce operational costs, downtime and accidents.


Results from an independent study demonstrate that average under inflation of tyres is as high as 15%. This results in an increase of fuel consumption of approximately 3%. Furthermore tyre life can also be reduced by up to 18%. This demonstrates that a tyre management programme will result in considerable savings on a fleet’s operational costs, particularly in the areas of fuel and preventative or corrective maintenance.


The transport and logistics industry is continuously under pressure to manage fleets efficiently. This requires a focus on vehicles, trailers, loads, drivers and tyres. The tyre is the only connection between a vehicle and the road surface, therefore tyre management is crucial. A fleet implementing a tyre management system can reduce unexpected delays through tyre problems, particularly uneven wear, blowouts and punctures. This can also result in a reduced vehicle downtime through accidents or unexpected tyre maintenance.


What exactly is TCS (Tyre Control Service)?

Tyre Control Service (TCS) from Astrata is a solution which allows to connect to sensors placed inside the tyres of any brand and collects data such as tyre pressure and temperature!


Tyre Control Service (TCS) uses the sensor inside the tire and continuously monitors the pressure and temperature of the tyre, detecting threshold alarms for inflation and pressure. It allows to detect even the small continuous pressure drop, which is the most difficult to be noticed immediately with human eye.



TCS provides real-time tyre performance data and alerts to the driver (via DriverLinc tablet) and to the managers in the back office*. In this way the customer can real-time monitor tyre pressure both in the vehicle and in the back office* and drivers are immediately aware of slow punctures and they may act to schedule services to support tyre maintenance and lower maintenance costs.


The major alerts generated by the solution include:

  • Quick tyre pressure loss
  • Extremely low tyre pressure
  • Low tyre pressure
  • Tyre temperature
  • No signal
  • Check sensor
  • Sensor defect


New service is available now on DriverLinc on-board computer, enabling the driver to constantly monitor the conditions of his tyres. What is more, he is being automatically notified whenever unacceptable value occurs, suggesting there is an issue with the tyre, so that the driver has enough time to take up any necessary actions and prevent more difficult and dangerous situation to happen. Moreover, the fleet manager will also be notified and presented the exact same set of real-time tyre data via FleetVisor portal*. In this way your back office managers will gain valuable input over the complete condition of each truck and better overview of upcoming maintenance needs.


* option in development (Phase 2)


Integration with Continental solution ContiPressureCheck



Tyre Control Service (TCS) from Astrata is a solution which allows to connect to sensors placed inside the tyres and collects data such as tyre pressure and temperature. The service is fully integrated with Continental solution ContiPressureCheck.




“Seamless integration of the tyre sensor data into the Astrata Tyre Control Service solution continues to allow us to enable safe, sustainable and cost effective Transport and Logistics in a reliable, simple and affordable way. The Tyre Control service of Astrata also reinforce the position of Astrata within the transport and logistics ecosystem by building new connection and interfaces between the Tyres OEM, such as Continental, and Astrata fleet management solution for the benefits of the transport and logistics companies.”

(Mark Warner, Former Managing Director Astrata Europe)



For more information about ContiPressureCheck solution please visit official Continental solution website


Major benefits and added value of TCS

Activating Tyre Control Service from Astrata will allow you to benefit from major added values of the solution, such as:


  • Complete real-time visibility of the tyres status and actual conditions and its location on asset
  • Full visibility of the tyres status and conditions directly for the driver in the truck (DriverLinc) with real-time alerts when attention or immediate action is required
  • Remarkable cost savings and increased fleet efficiency thanks to improved cost control and better assets utilisation
  • Immediate alerts in case of unacceptable or dangerous values
  • Improved management of maintenance schedules and tyre life cycles
  • Improved fuel management thanks to reduction of fuel consumption
  • Faster vehicle check and better precision of measurements
  • Improved vehicle maintenance and reduced downtime
  • Solution fully integrated with CPC solution from Continental

Request a demonstration by one of our Fleet Management specialists and learn what impact Tyre Control Service functionality can have on your operation!


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