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Image, Document and Signature capturing


Expanding the range of available applications Astrata has extended functionality of its solutions by enabling options to capture images, documents or signatures directly via the DriverLinc+ on-board computer.


Understanding the value of scanning functionality

Save on paperwork and administration!


Scanning applications help transportation companies to real-time manage important documents quickly and accurately, and close the loop on so called ‘paperwork’ associated with pick-ups and deliveries, eliminating the risk of lost documents. Out-of-cab use of DriverLinc+ allows for scanning functionality in the forms of picture, document and signature capturing.

This is an end-to-end application that lets drivers scan and deliver important documents from the road to the back office of a transport company. It is a comprehensive and integrated document and signature management solution that helps increasing fleet productivity, allows reducing operating costs, and improves billing and payment cycles.


Key benefits from implementation and usage of Image, Document and Signature capturing:


  • Much faster data verification, shortened billing and payment cycles, with proof of delivery available for the office within a few minutes instead of a couple of days.
  • Significant cost reduction, less manual errors and elimination of delays associated with manual data and document processing.
  • Increased drivers’ and back-office’s efficiency and productivity at all times, reduction of time waste and less detours (helps avoiding driving unnecessary km).


How do you manage urgent communication in case of any documents which are necessary for further process flow?


DriverLinc+ is a great tool not only for damage reporting pictures but also for capturing any documents. This allows to replace standard scanning functionality, assuring always the best quality of the image and giving you the possibility to enlarge the picture of the document when anything might seem unclear.


Your driver may take immediate pictures of any document which needs to be sent to your office without any delays. Pictures might be seamlessly integrated into the related workflows, so you don’t have to waste time for manual segregation at the back office. Sharing documents has never been easier!

How are you coping with damages to cargo or any accident reports?


With DriverLinc+ from Astrata, you don’t have to worry about any difficulties in damage or accident reports. Your driver can take immediate action and take pictures of all damages, whether it’s at a customer's location when the load has been damaged or at the accident scene when there is a damage to your truck.


Pictures may be integrated in a specific workflow related to the trip and may be an ideal proof in case of any disputes with your unhappy customers claiming damages caused by your company. You have real photos available at all times. Also in case or any road accidents it is always easier to gather any damage evidence which you may use after for the insurance claims. You may also use DriverLinc+ image capturing functionality for the vehicle check before each trip, to fasten your operations.

How do you manage your delivery-billing cycles?

How much time do you waste waiting for papers to come back to your back office, until you may process them into the billing?


Signature capturing solution from Astrata enables you to shorten delivery-billing cycles in a remarkable way. There is no need for heavy, time-consuming paperwork being dragged by the driver for weeks.


With our DriverLinc+ your driver may immediately capture the signature of your customer at location, directly after delivery. Your customer's signature is being automatically sent to your back office and you are ready to move on to invoicing your customers. This solution allows you to save time and ensures smoother financial flows.

Major benefits on all operational levels
Due to reduction of manual errors associated with reusing and processing key operational information functionalities like Image, Document and Signature capturing play significant role in increasing both customers’ and drivers’ satisfaction.

The camera may be used for a quick vehicle check: control the condition of tyres, brakes, safety sets and for example lights at any time. There is no time consuming paperwork involved and drivers can work faster and more effectively, collecting and transferring their inspection report digitally, adding a whole new level of information flows to streamline drivers’ day-to-day work.

Drivers may focus on driving longer distances, making the most efficient use of their driving times, without a need for additional detours to the office to hand in documentation. They do not waste time looking and waiting for a fax machine and the risk of misplacing important documents is eliminated: all significant documents are available in digital format in your office, ready to be sent to customers or automatically processed whenever needed.

The DriverLinc+ tablet allows capturing images to confirm safe delivery, scanning documents or capturing customers’ signatures – all additional functionalities available for the driver to be more productive.

With an out-of-cab scanning functionality a driver is able to transmit critical documents immediately in real-time, which might be crucial for documentation such as proof of delivery documents, damage claims, customers’ signature or other critical information.

This approach speeds up the invoicing process, which positively impacts the company's cash flow.

Critical Success Factors – how to make the best use of scanning?

While Image, Document and Signature capturing might be seen as an easy and quick way to save time and money, there are a few major factors you need to take into consideration in order to be fully successful and to make the best use of possibilities it brings.*


Assuring high performance quality

Astrata comes up with a robust solution thanks to DriverLinc+ that is equipped with a high class 5 mpx camera. There is no need for any external devices to be installed in the truck and no connectivity issues apply. Total image capturing performance is being assured by one comprehensive solid device and links directly to the back office portal in a simple, fast and structured way – saving you time, money and any additional worries.


Increasing driver’s performance efficiency

DriverLinc+ allows drivers to quickly take pictures of all documents and immediately process those to the back office. There are no hardware issues, no additional cabling and no additional verification work for the drivers. Astrata’s solution provides you with a compact, reliable and cost-effective scanning tool, which ensures high quality of the image on the device. The user interface is user-friendly and its intuitiveness helps even less technology-experienced drivers to perform their administrative sub-activities.


Integration and process set up

Use of DriverLinc+ from Astrata ensures seamless integration of all images, documents and signatures captured with the device into the back office system and allows additional integration with selected TMS software. All for smooth process flow and faster operational cycles.

*In order to benefit from the functionality of image, document and signature capturing, SIM-Card inserted in the DriverLinc+ tablet and Internet connectivity are required.

Request a demonstration by one of our Fleet Management specialists and learn what impact Image, Document and Signature Capturing functionality can have on your operation!


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