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Interested in leasing your on-board computer?

Astrata can offer you dedicated packages with none or limited up-front investment and regular “no-surprise” monthly charges. Learn how you could benefit from our leasing solutions!

Leasing and financing your fleet management solution

Learn more about the best-in-class fleet management solution on the market today!


Experience yourself: our new DriverLinc solution is available from only 50 Euro* per month including all fleet management services you need to be successful and profitable, this includes among else: On-board computer hardware, access to the FleetVisor fleet management portal, communication charges and hotline support!

*Subject to credit rating & approval 



The benefits of leasing
Leasing and financing explained

What is leasing?

Obtaining the use of Astrata’s fleet management equipment on a rental basis. Ownership rests in the hands of the leasing company, while you have the actual use and benefits of the solution.

What are the benefits of leasing?

- No initial, peak investments needed.

- Spread payments: manage your cash flow more efficiently.

- Remarkable improvement of fleet management from day one with little impact on your budget.

- Unit replacement and upgrade is easier than ever before.


What happens at the end of the leasing period?

You will have the following choices:

- Return the equipment;

- Buy the equipment against fair market value;

- Prolong the rental period

Want to know more about our financing options?


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