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Do you want to determine for yourself how you want to improve your fleet management program? Do you want to know what Astrata services enable you to achieve the results you are looking for, and how fleet management improves the quality and cost-structure of your operation? Answer the 4 questions below and download your tailor-made Fleet Effectiveness ROI report (example).
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Automate Tachograph processes Mass memory & Driver Card Downloads
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The value of a good ROI process

Astrata takes ROI very seriously

Unless calculated carefully, though, a ballpark ROI figure can be worse than useless. It can send you off looking for problems that don’t exist and mask real issues that must be addressed.


Astrata relies on scientific methodologies that take into account your actual business operations.


The resulting ROI values have proven to closely reflect reality, the Bay Logistic example and testimonial demonstrates how quickly an ROI is realized using our telematics solution.

Bay Logistics: Proven ROI

Telematics by Astrata? "Saving money with smart systems"

In collaboration with our customer Bay Logistik and Frost and Sullivan, we calculated the level of these savings over one full year:


Actual cost reductions:

  • Fuel (driver style improvements) € 33,500
  • Maintenance and repair costs € 9,500
  • Reduced unnecessary mileage (kilometres) driven € 30,000
  • Driver costs € 25,000
  • Back office integration € 30,000
  • Tachograph data: wireless downloading and automatic storage € 27,500
  • Total savings: € 155,500


Accurate operational overview
Bay Logistik not only saves money on direct costs, it gains many important business insights from the accumulated data and an increase in operational efficiency levels. Using the FleetVisor web portal, Bay Logistik has an accurate and real-time view of the location, status and communication potential of its transport assets.


Improved customer service levels
With these insights and operational improvements, Bay Logistik knows more about its own business and therefore understands its clients' business operations better. The company now has the ability to share insights from the FleetVisor web portal directly with its contacts, based on the trucks and cargoes placed under its supervision, thus increasing transparency and, ultimately, improving customer satisfaction. 

Interested in how much money you can save?

To understand your fleet management ROI it is important to understand how fleet management impacts your daily work processes, and the savings a fleet management system brings.

Fleet management allows you to maintain your work levels from fewer resources. Contact us for more information.

Receive your dedicated ROI calculation

To create insight in the potential savings a transport company can achieve with fleet management by Astrata,we launched the ROI calculator. A dedicated tool to calculate your potential savings and the ROI you’ll achieve, by filling out only 10 questions over 3 steps. Create the insights you are looking for.


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