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Frequently Asked Questions


Below you will find a list of the most common questions and answers about our solutions. This list is the result of dozens of conversations with European carriers.


Do we need to install Astrata software on our computers?

No, the Fleetvisor telematics platform is a browser-based solution. All you need to do is log into your account, at: https://next.fleetvisor.eu/monitoring and start using the service.

Is the program available as a smartphone app?

Yes, Fleetvisor is available for smartphone on both Android and iOS. The app is a simplified tool where the user can view vehicle positions, communications and driver hours.

Do we have to pay for each active user of the platform?

No, there is no charge for each platform user account. The creation of user accounts and the scope of access to Fleetvisor areas, is controlled and implemented by the customer. So whether you have 1 person using the system or grant access to 50 employees - the cost of using the platform will be the same.

Can we decide the scope of permissions and access to data on the platform for each user individually?

Yes, with administrator rights, you can manage security, access and user accounts.

Does the Astrata service cost more if my vehicles travel outside the European Union?

No, the fees remain the same no matter where your fleet operates.

Is Astrata integrated with integration platforms?

Yes, we are integrated with the most important platforms in the market: Project44, Sixfold, Fourkites, or Shippeo. This means that vehicles equipped with Astrata units are visible in the listed systems, and therefore to your customers.

Can I share the position of a vehicle with my customer?

Yes, the system allows you to generate authorized customer access on the Fleetvisor platform to observe the progress of the transport. This is managed from the position of the platform administrator (authorized employee).

Does the system support other languages?

Yes, both from the position of the Fleetvisor platform in the office and the screen to work with the driver. Among them is Russian, used frequently with drivers from across the eastern border.

Is corridor/tunneling available in your service?

Yes, it is possible to plan a route, determine its cost and send it to the driver's screen. This service is also possible to integrate with TMS software.

Does your system integrate with TMS-class software?

Yes, we are already integrated with more than 130 TMS-class solutions. Astrata's open documentation allows integration with third-party software.

Can we export data from your platform externally?

Yes, both through integration with other software, as well as through a quick export process to a csv/xls file.

How long do you store data on your platform?

By default, Fleetvisor stores your data for 90 days. It is possible to extend this period to 12 months (additional service). We can also provide an automatic data export process to your local resources (e.g. servers)

What is the installation of the devices?

Installation of devices in vehicles can be carried out in 3 ways: using the designated Astrata service, using a mobile installer, or on your own (Astrata provides installation schemes).

What does the servicing of the equipment involve?

Most problems are solved by the Hotline team available to you, which remotely diagnoses and repairs possible unit failures. If this proves impossible - the same day sends a replacement unit to the customer. Astrata service centers located throughout Europe are also available to you.

Will someone help us with the implementation of the system in the company?

Yes, there will be an implementer at your disposal, who will help from the administrative side and train your staff.

Can we rent your equipment?

Yes, in addition to the purchase of equipment, leasing and renting are included. In the case of renting, there is no cost for the initial investment, which is spread over the duration of the contract.

Do we become the owners of the equipment at the end of the rental period?

No, Astrata remains the owner of the equipment even after the end of the contract period. It is possible to buy back the units, however, this is an individual business conversation.

What do I need to do to remotely download data from the driver's card?

You need a computer with a connected entrepreneur's card (via a card reader) with access to our RTDS service. That's all.

Do you provide e-toll service (Polish tolls)?

No, we do not provide this service and there is no plan to launch it. Our customers using solutions provided in at least the EETS service.

Does your service provide for the driver to upload photos and scans?

Yes, the driver is provided with a DriverLinc tablet along with the ability to take photos and scans with it.

Is it possible to install applications on your tablet?

Yes, it is possible to install applications on DriverLinc5, thanks to the GooglePlay service. Administration of applications (launching and deleting) is on Astrata's side (MDM service). Our customers use, for example, the Amazon app, or e-toll.

What is the MDM service?

The MDM (Mobile Device Management) service means that Astrata remains responsible for all administrative steps on the tablet. This increases user security and reduces the risk of user interference in areas that may interfere with device operations.