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New Release of unique functionnalities on TripMonitor

September 5th 2017




Astrata has enriched its TripMonitor solution with a new set of unique functionalities - all for enhanced fleet management.


Now, more than ever, TripMonitor enables fleet managers of 3PU4PL enterprises and transport carriers to supervise all transport activities in real-time, both those executed by own fleet, as well as sub-contracted vehicles, even if the vehicles are equipped with non-Astrata board computers.


Management by exception focuses attention towards underperforming assets, all within clear colour-coded overview.


New feature list includes:


  • Automatic (re-)assignment
  • Automatic alerting
  • Automatic Reporting


Waberer’s equips 3100 vehicles with DriverLinc Light to increase operational fleet efficiency

June 5th 2017

Trucks from company Waberers showing off their Astrata logo

Being the European leader in FTL transportation, Waberer’s focuses on using the most cutting-edge assets not only in terms of the trucks, but also in the area of IT solutions. 


Waberer’s was looking for a new innovative solution that supports its aim to optimise costs by using data and choose Astrata DriverLinc Light Solution.  


Control of fuel usage and operational fuel management at Waberer’s is tightly related to the customised Driver Rewarding Program implemented by the company using sophisticated advanced Driver Coach Fleet Dashboard reporting


Alongside with the extensive use of Driver Coach tool, Waberer’s goes further into gaining operational control over the business processes. While supporting reduction of total fuel consumption, the use of Guided Navigation functionality brings Waberer’s additional value and business benefits in the area of “itinary project”.


For more detailed information, please download full press release or contact us at

GEORGI Transporte chooses DriverLinc+ solution from Astrata to equip its fleet of 300 vehicles

May 23rd, 2017

GEORGI Transporte, one of the leading companies in the field of air cargo trucking and security transports in Europe, has recently renewed its trust in Astrata Europe with a new agreement to equip its fleet of 300 vehicles with robust DriverLinc+ tablets. 


The selection of DriverLinc+ solutions will allow the company to boost their operational efficiency and driver training, especially around their Key Performance Indicators: transport punctuality and transport security.


"In our business, it is crucial to be able to dispose of properly calculated ETA and to foresee any risk of a delay. The solutions offered by Astrata address this specific need on a very detailed level.


All in all, the system must work at all times. That’s why we have chosen DriverLinc+ from Astrata. And what is important, it’s not only a system of today, but it is also a future-proof solution, which we are pleased to go with into tomorrow”

Hubert Hohl, Head of Truckfleet at GEORGI Transporte


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Astrata integrates its FleetVisor platform with trailer telematics solution from KRONE

April 24th, 2017


In line with its Open Telematics Platform strategy for fleet management and telematics solutions portfolio, Astrata Europe BV has recently entered a collaboration with KRONE Telematics, one of the leading trailer manufacturers in EU, offering customers more variety and sophisticated solutions in the area of trailer and reefer monitoring.


For more detailed information about KRONE, please download full press release or contact us at

Fit2Perform allows you to adjust driving and resting times

March 24th, 2017


How to measure and know in real time the physiological state of a driver to avoid accidents and adjust his roadmap? In colaboration with EIT Digital, Astrata Europe is preparing to market Fit2Perform, a connected bracelet that will provide this type of valuable information to the despatcher. Interview with Antoine Mathiaud, Director of Sales and Marketing at Astrata Europe, in an interview by Supply Chain magazine.


For more detailed information, please download full article by or contact us at

Download full article - Nederlands

Astrata launches the application FleetVisor Mobile

March 9th, 2017


Astrata announces two major innovations during the SITL 2017 in Paris: FleetVisor Mobile application and a function for sending e-mails with attachments on the DriverLinc. They have been developed to enhance the functionality and ease of access of the fleet management solutions.



For more detailed information about FleetVisor Mobile, please download full press release or contact us at

Astrata develops an integration with Schmitz Cargobull trailer telematics to expand the portfolio of trailer and reefer monitoring solutions

March 9th, 2017


In line with its Open Telematics Platform strategy for fleet management and telematics solutions portfolio, Astrata Europe BV has recently entered a collaboration with Schmitz Cargobull Telematics, one of the leading Trailer Telematics suppliers in EU, and introduces broader possibilities and more sophisticated solutions for trailer and cargo management.



For more detailed information about Schmitz Cargobull, please download full press release or contact us at

This Is An Era Of Customized Telematics

February 15th, 2017


"Following the extension of the European Union in 2004, competition in the transport industry grew significantly because conditions were provided for it to become a strongly international business. For this reason a company equipped with telematics devices is increasingly competitive as less time, petrol and space in the semi-trailers’ holds are wasted. Bearing in mind the small margins, even a small increase in transport effectiveness is of great importance to competitiveness and increasing company profits. This is why a majority of transport companies have purchased telematics systems. Those who are left are facing serious problems with staying in the market"; says Antoine Mathiaud, Director of Sales and Marketing at Astrata Europe, in an interview by Transport Manager magazine.


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Astrata is recognized for another year by Telematik-Markt as robust telematics solution in Germany

January 27th, 2017


Our innovative telematics solutions continue to be part of the TOPLIST of Telematics providers in Germany. For another consecutive year, we are receiving this acknowledgement by Telematik-Markt, one of the leading industry magazines and associations. This recognition for 2017, reflects the highest quality of our solutions both for hardware and services. It is an important reward for our daily efforts to enable safe, sustainable and cost-effective transport and logistics though our solutions.


Find out more about our DriverLinc and FleetVisor.

HAVI Logistics switches to Android on-board computers

December 12th, 2016

HAVI Logistics is gradually providing its 28 trucks in Netherlands with Driverlinc+, Astrata's on-board computer that runs on Android platform. Daniel Hunk, Operational Manager at HAVI Logistics, looks forward in particular to the possibility of running apps on this on-board computer. Apps provide useful support for critical processes such as packaging administration, but also smart solutions that can just make drivers' and customers' lives something more pleasant. Hunk: "Especially for our flexible personnel all these apps have advantages.”


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Copyright and Eisma Industriemedia – published by kind permission.

AFT Sanglage is now available on Astrata App Store

December 2nd, 2016


AFT has started a partnership with Astrata Europe, leader in Fleet​Management, to provide the AFT Sanglage application free of charge on the App Store. For  AFT, this partnership aims to inform as many French and foreign drivers as possible about good practices during stowage operations.


AFT Sanglage is available in the App Store of Astrata, the App Store dedicated   to the transportation and logistics market. The application can also be used immediately on the on-board computers of all vehicles equipped with the   Astrata solution.


The AFT Sanglage app is available today for IPhone, Android and Windows Phone.


For more detailed information, please find the complete article here.

Astrata’s TrailerLinc tracks trailers and what they
are doing

September 21st, 2016


At this year’s IAA, in Hannover Germany, Astrata Europe is introducing TrailerLinc
– a new system that tracks the location of trailers and how they’re being used in real time. The system fits in an inconspicuous box mounted underneath the trailer, and is robust and reliable. Incorporating smart features previously found only in expensive systems, it cuts the risk of trailer or cargo theft and improves trailer productivity and utilization. It even records driving style parameters so fleet managers can immediately alert drivers who may be risking delicate and valuable cargo. –  –


For more detailed information about TrailerLinc, please download full press release
or contact us at

World preview of wearable innovation keeps truck drivers ‘Fit to Perform’ at IAA Hannover

September 21st, 2016


At IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016, Astrata Europe, formerly known as Qualcomm, and EIT Digital present the first working prototype of the end-to-end fitness solution ‘Fit to Perform’ and its potential with telematics integration. It tackles health risks for professional truck drivers, increases road safety and will improve profit margins for the transportation sector. Fit to Perform is an EIT Digital innovation activity that monitors the driver’s vital signs and informs the driver and company on safe driving limits.


For more detailed information, please download full press release or contact us at

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