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Astrata’s Mission Planner selected by TomTom BRIDGE

Jul 25, 2019 10:00:00 AM

  • Astrata’s Mission Planner is available immediately on the TomTom BRIDGE Platform
  • Mission Planner is a stand-alone, tailor-made, logistics process and workflow management application developed by Astrata

Eindhoven, Netherlands, 25. July 2019

"TomTom BRIDGE has just introduced a valuable new service for its customers, allowing each of them to greatly simplify and accelerate their operations without having to change their hardware, software or business processes.” Abdallah Harati, Sr VP of Sales & Marketing – Astrata Group 

Astrata is an expert in simplifying operations related to transport, logistics and supply chain. In 2018, Astrata developed Mission Planner, a highly adaptable workflow and logistics process application that can be tailored to the unique business processes of each company. Mission Planner will immediately be available on the TomTom BRIDGE platform.

BRIDGE offers a flexible platform to integrate the power of TomTom technology into your business, helping to move more efficiently. They provide an open platform to enable you to connect your Android based business applications seamlessly with TomTom solutions helping to provide mobility solutions on a single device.

Mission Planner is smart, flexible and user-friendly adding proven value to users’ communications in the vehicle and in the office. This is done through displaying real-time, critical information based on user input, which increases response rates and makes communications quicker and more effective.  

Mission Planner supports multiple media files that simplify processes and deliver an intuitive user experience. Mission Planner is compatible with any phone or tablet and communicates with any back-office software. 

For more information please visit www.astrata.eu or contact us via email at sales@astrata.eu.

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