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Astrata boosts its DriverLinc, further enriching driver experience

Sep 22, 2020 9:36:01 AM

Lightweight Android-based tablet offers user-centric design, top software quality and durable rugged hardware. Astrata, a leading provider of location-based solutions for connected fleet, supply chain, and government and aviation sectors, has announced improvements to its DriverLinc® solution, enabling drivers to boost their productivity anywhere and anytime within their operating environments. DriverLinc® offers a wide range of applications that provide essential information and improve productivity in a simple, reliable and cost-effective way.

Supply chain, logistics and the transportation industries are the backbone of the global economy. Drivers are the key to successful operations, particularly when they have the right tools to connect the operational side of their role with the back office as well as the end customer. Astrata’s pioneering driver solutions help to attract, engage, and retain drivers by improving their in-cab and out-of-cab experience. At the same time, they assist with driver performance and productivity, which is essential when it comes to improving customer service, controlling costs, and being compliant with all regulations and requirements. And, as Astrata knows, happy drivers make happy customers.

DriverLinc® combines the expertise of a market-leading location based solutions provider integrated with the power and mobility of the best robust tablet on the market today. The new lightweight Android based tablet offers user-centric design and top software quality from Astrata on durable, rugged hardware. It puts drivers’ safety first with a user-friendly display and by delivering more insights into their actions, step-by-step order/task instructions, and GPS location data. It also ensures clear communication between back office and drivers through two-way messaging and automated workflow, and provides full visibility of fleet movements. The driver experience is further enhanced by the easy provision of media content, as well as numerous options to increase productivity and efficiency through applications available on Google Play Store. With this unique value proposition, DriverLinc® helps to attract, engage, and retain drivers, maximize productivity, streamline operations, and improve returns.

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