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Work Order Management

MISSION PLANNER is an application enabling the distribution of work orders and instructions to the right driver at the right time, depending on the context and circumstances,  while reducing the number of interactions with the dispatchers. It is a lean application, which offers companies the independent, smart, fully customisable and practical solution to manage their workflows.


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The smartest way to focus on your assignments

It simply works for you!


Nowadays, companies are often limited by the lack of connectivity between various hardware and software applications they are using.


In addition, despite a possible integration, these applications can often not be customized according to customers' needs.


Mission Planner improves both aspects. It allows customers not only to combine data from existing applications but also to customize them.


The user defines all the mission steps in a desired sequence as well as all control questions on each workflow form and dependencies between them. He can manage the results and monitor the process of each mission, in line with the internal operational processes


Benefits for your business: 
  • Independent: it does not need to be connected to any solution such as telematics; it simply requires an Internet connection
  • Smart: it's responsive to the users input. Using its intelligent flow and form selection, each user is shown exactly the information and instructions he needs at the right time
  • Pro-active: using ETA, which includes driver hours, MISSION PLANNER is able to warn you well in advance of the feasibility of the planned missions
  • Flexible and Customisable: MISSION PLANNER is fully adaptable to your specific needs and process flow
  • Rich: MISSION PLANNER is able to include rich content with multiple media files in various formats in two-way communication and also allows to include external input like scanning of paper forms or voice memos