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Logistics and Supply Chain Optimisation


Predictive real-time information on all your load movements, exception-based monitoring and advanced logistics process integration



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Predict delays before departure; inform all stakeholders with one click and never lose sight of any load

Easily measure the performance of your subcontractors

Predict delays up to 1 hour before the departure time

Improve productivity of dispatchers and operations

Integrate all your logistics processes in one platform

Streamline the communication between all stakeholders

Be independent of any tracking system hardware


Exception-based intuitive SaaS platform

Get alerts on delays or problems up to 1 hour before scheduled departure time and focus on the movements that require attention.


Subcontractors' performance dashboard

Compare your subcontractors at a glance, measure their performance and pro-actively send them feedback on their service performance 


Hardware independent solution

Get the data from more than 70 telematics solutions so you can get visibility of all your loads in any vehicle or trailers, both yours and those of your subcontractors.


Tailor-made logistics process application

User-friendly workflow application made just for you to simplify your complex processes without losing a single detail whilst speeding up communications


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