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FleetVisor, a new generation of our web-based commercial fleet platform

Request a demo today and see how it can make your operations safer and more efficient

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We have built a new generation of our web-based platform, FleetVisor, for commercial fleet. We made it faster, safer, more user-friendly and more flexible:
  • it is so intuitive that user training is not necessary
  • the real-time information is constantly updated without page refreshes
  • Quick and easy WhatsApp like messaging with drivers
  • It runs in any browser you prefer

... and many more new features that make you life and fleet management easier and more efficient

Request a demonstration and witness firsthand the benefits and the practical applications of the Astrata solution that works best for you
  • See the solution in action, in a lifelike environment
  • Evaluate the impact it will have on your business
  • Focus on the area and features of your choice

Request your free, no-obligation demo by filling out the form. And get a demo, either online or at your location, that is tailored to your specific needs. 

After receiving your request we will contact you to discuss your specific requirements and set a convenient date and time. 

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