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Fleet management by Astrata can impact between 70% and 85% of all your operational costs. Think about reduced fuel consumption, increased back-office efficiency and much more.



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Fleet Management by Astrata


Making fleets more effective

Astrata’s FleetVisor® – the logistics industry’s most effective fleet management system – enables cost reduction and process improvements right across your business. It impacts areas that account for 70-85% of your operational costs, and it frequently pays for itself in as little as 8-12 months!


The enabler to transform and optimize your business by:

  • Automating manual processes, the core of your integration project
  • A single web based overview of all trucks and trailers in real time
  • Including overview of subcontractors
  • Direct communication with all drivers, reducing mobile phone and roaming costs
  • Easy to interpret or pre-interpreted statistics and real-time data
  • Strong analytics and reporting tools create business insights
  • All with a unique 98% uptime, contractual guarantee


See and control your fleet's activities, in real-time

FleetVisor® supports drivers and dispatchers sharing information in many different ways, allowing for integrated control over your fleet:


  • A single overview of all your vehicles
  • Direct messaging
  • Assignment/order and route sharing
  • Automated tachograph downloads
  • Driver performance reporting for improvement on feedback cycles
  • Dedicated business reporting allows for an increase by up to 50% of the dispatcher's workload

Experience the benefits of more effective fleet management, see how Astrata enables you to reduce your operating costs by up to 15%!

FleetVisor Mobile

Fleet Management on your smartphone or tablet


FleetVisor® Mobile is an application that works as an additional function to FleetVisor platform. This app provides:


  • Insight in the whereabouts from the driver and truck
  • Insight in driving and resting times, including actual tachograph status
  • Two-way text messaging between driver and home base


FleetVisor Mobile runs on Android and iOS operating systems and is now available for customers on Google Play store and App Store.


Download the app now: Google play Apple App Store

Astrata fleet management solutions

Discover the areas of expertise within our fleet management system

Business Analytics
Fuel Management
Route Control
Trailer & Reefer
Track & Trace

Business Analytics

Streamline your business with smart Fleet management analytics.


Business Analytics provide detailed, reliable and insightful information and reports about the fleets and drivers performance to reduce costs.



Fuel Management

Save fuel with smart systems!


Learn how your drivers behavior is improving over time, with clear statistics and detailed insights per driver or group of drivers.



Route Control

Save detours, cost and time.


Astrata fleet management solutions give you real-time visibility of how the day's plan is progressing, increasing your customer service levels.



Trailer & Reefer

Track and protect your valuable cargo


Learn how you can increase trailer and reefer utilisation rates, while increasing the quality and service standards of your transport activitie.



Track & Trace

Monitoring your valuable resources.


Track and trace offers the basis for efficient fleet management, combining location based information with vehicle, driver and load status updatesWith Track & Trace considerable value and detail is added to services like Guided Navigation, Geofencing, historic routes and POI tracking. 


Learn how DriverLinc® completes your Fleet Management solution
With DriverLinc® our clients have proven to save up to 8% on their operational costs

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