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Trailer & reefer management

Track and protect your valuable cargo

  • How do you ensure your assets are used properly?
  • How do you keep track of trailers and their utilisation rates?
  • Do you know where your assets are or spend lots of time searching them?


Learn how you can increase trailer and reefer utilisation rates, while increasing the quality and service standards of your transport activities. Delivering your cargo securely, safely and continuously refrigerated to your destination. 

Trailer and Reefer Management Trailer Reefer

Ensure your goods are safe and transported in line with your company quality standards

Trailer & reefer management by Astrata will enable you to improve your business performance and increase profitability by:


  • Remote monitoring of trucks, trailers and their contents. It works without any driver intervention and whether or not the trailer is connected to a truck.
  • FleetVisor provides information on trailer and reefer locations and pre-sets alerting both driver and the back-office if thresholds are reached.
  • Trailer & Reefer management helps prevent trailer theft, which is estimated as a €8 billion/year business in Europe alone.
  • Eliminates the time wasted in locating 'misplaced' trailers, even when the trailer is being pulled by a subcontractor.
  • 1% improvement in overall trailer utilisation can contribute up to 15% in margin improvement.
  • The system automates driver vehicle inspection reports, eliminating paper reports and making it easier for drivers to record inspection information. 
Smart Insights Business Analytics

Trailer & Reefer management solutions enable full asset control from your back-office

With trailer and reefer management solutions you’ll see improved fleet efficiency, a reduction in idle assets and less down-time. You will also experience improved delivery timeliness and fewer asset and cargo thefts, while ensuring the optimal condition of temperature-sensitive loads. This is how:


  • Find trailers and expedite deliveries through knowledge of trailer arrivals.
  • Ensure the quality of your cargo by accurate real-time temperature monitoring throughout the journey.
  • Avoid disputes over spoilage by identifying exactly where and when temperature problems occurred - using objective information.
  • Deter, detect and delay crime, through physical asset and freight protection.
  • Identify contributing factors affecting brakes and tyre wear.
Quality Standards Quality Standards


The smartest way to focus on your trailers





Cost effective


TrailerLinc allows you to track position, speed and direction of your trailers in real time.


For trucks that already use an Astrata TruckLinc Black Box or driver’s smartphone app (AppLinc), TrailerLinc also communicates within FleetVisor to automatically match a trailer to a truck.


Learn More About TrailerLinc

Our Partners in Trailer and Reefer management
For the best possible service offered to our customers we are sustaining partnership cooperation with leading cargo monitoring solutions providers:
Schmitz Cargobull Telematics

Schmitz Cargobull Telematics


The leader in the European trailer telematics market is an independent subsidiary of Schmitz Cargobull AG. They naturally understand what it takes to make good trailers, and what their customers truly need. These are the perfect pre-requisites for continuously creating innovative solutions for TrailerConnect®, developed 100% in-house. They regard themselves as a system integrator for trailer telematics and a solution provider for logistics applications.



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Dreyer + Timm

Dreyer + Timm


With their telematics unit scombox and its several interfaces to EBS and cooling systems, Dreyer+Timm GmbH becomes a well-known telematics provider. With the market entry of the wireless scomsens products and its different functionalities like automatically truck/trailer identification, remote temperature logging and also remote door state monitoring, Dreyer+Timm can provide a very easy to install and suitable solution for cargo space monitoring and anti-theft protection.



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Novacom Europe

Novacom Europe


With a strong trailer market heritage, Novacom Europe brings dedicated trailer telematics solutions to market. From basic tracking to complete reefer, security and maintenance solutions, always 100% brand neutral. Fits any trailer, any type, any brand, anywhere.




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T-Comm Telematics

T-Comm Telematics


T Comm Telematics is a specialist in real-time wireless data capture, recording and providing real-time insight on the location and status of trailers and the condition of their loads. They are customer focused and their wireless solutions are flexible and suitable for any trailer.



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Hear what other people say about our solutions


"Using the trailer and reefer technologies from Astrata facilitates the tracking and control of every vehicle and its load, fortnightly driving times, driver location and appropriate reefer fuel consumption levels. It enables us to achieve significant improvements in route and itinerary management and offers substantial benefits in day-to-day management and has improved our customer service levels."

José Ramón Mazo
Managing Director, Grupo Transportes Mazo


“In addition to high-value items, we transport substantial volumes of pharmaceutical products and temperature-controlled substances for the food industry. Accordingly, we have to be able to remotely monitor our refrigeration systems, even if the systems are installed in our trailers. Regardless, we feel it’s absolutely vital to have an effective tracking and tracing system in place for our trailers and we build on Astrata to continue to delivers us exactly this."

Arno Boekestijn
Managing Director


“We have been investigating how to improve the efficiency of our operation and offer a better service to our customers for years, especially for long-haul international shipments, for which control of the cargo status and fuel consumption of every vehicle is vital to reducing operating costs. We see significantly improvement over time using the fuel and trailer Business Analytics in FleetVisor.”

Ignacio Ramos
Purchasing Manager, F. Ramos