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Track & Trace

Monitoring your valuable resources.

  • How do you keep track of your fleet?
  • How do you know where your drivers are?
  • How do you manage your ETA?

Learn how an apparently simple solution like track and trace combined with a powerful fleet management system can save up to 5% of all operational costs! 


Locate and manage a whole fleet from one screen

Track and trace offers the basis for efficient fleet management, combining location based information with vehicle, driver and load status updates.


This strong combination of data being turned into information and the FleetVisor portal enable you to:


  • Constant remote control of valuable assets and loads wherever they are, attended or unattended.
  • Know exactly where trucks and loads are and their time of arrival in a single overview.
  • Share this data real-time with your customers
  • Know when your trucks require maintenance
  • Accurate real-time information on the loads alone can increase dispatcher loading by up to 50%.
  • Monitors the location and status of loads online (also in case of theft), and there is a panic button for drivers in distress.
  • Management information fed to the back office continually tracking asset location and its history.

Track and trace adds considerable value to many other services

Learn how track & trace builds the basis under more effective fleet management.


With Track & Trace considerable value and detail is added to services like Guided Navigation, Geofencing, historic routes and POI tracking. Services that enable more control, a higher fleet  and asset efficiency rate and customer service levels. This is how:


  • Find trucks and trailers and expedite deliveries through knowledge of trailer arrivals.
  • With Astrata’s turn-by-turn positioning geofencing is extremely accurate and reliable.
  • Avoid disputes over route planning and execution, using historic routes.
  • Fully integrate all fleet information into your TMS for accurate billing and cost structuring.
  • Identify contributing factors affecting lower profit margins per trip than anticipated.

Results matter

Hear what other people say about our solutions

"One-stop solution"

“Astrata facilitates the tracking and control of every vehicle and its load, fortnightly driving times, driver location and appropriate fuel consumption levels. It enables us to achieve significant improvements in route and itinerary management and offers substantial benefits in day-to-day management and customer service.”

José Ramón Mazo
Managing Director, Grupo Transportes Mazo

"Increased productivity"

“Thanks to the track& trace functionalities and the additional services it enables, it is now possible to better manage all of our activities using the FleetVisor Webportal. Our productivity increased and we cannot imagine how our business would proceed without telematics from Astrata.”


Raymond Stolk
Managing Director of Transterra Polska

Our Key products and features

Enabling you to create better and more profitable business processes in goods transportation


FleetVisor shows you all your vehicles’ and drivers’ performance metrics in clear and understandable graphics: everything you need to know to eliminate waste and maximise productivity. FleetVisor is so easy to use, you will be making savings and improving operations from day one.

Asset History

Asset History logs all activities of your fleet, providing you with detailed insights in where your assets were, when and for how long. Providing you with asset information whenever  needed. 

KPI Vehicle maintenance

Vehicle maintenance reporting offers one overview of the maintenance intervals for trucks and trailers. Ensuring safe operations and maximising asset utilisation


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