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Subcontractor Management

One overview of whoever is driving for you.

  • How do you keep track of your subcontractor’s performance?
  • Do you have overview of your subcontractors?
  • How do you ensure subcontractors deliver the quality you expect?

Learn how business analytics create insight and integrated control of your fleet management, enabling you to improve driver and asset utilisation and increase overall effectiveness. 


Telematics for subcontractors made easy

Telematics for subcontractors is made easy with subcontractor management by Astrata;

  • It allows direct contact and communication (including orders and changes to orders) with the driver – using the same fleet management portal as a transport company’s own fleet.
  • Allows the driver to pro-actively send status updates about trip progress, load conditions, discrepancies, or delays.
  • Monitors the progress of each vehicle in real time against the planned route and timing. It does this irrespective of the type of on-board computer, since communication can also go by free-form messages using the Driver Telematics App.
  • The system is completely scalable. With dozens (sometimes even thousands) of loads to manage, management by exception focuses on trucks that are running late, so communication can take place directly with the driver. 


Other benefits:

  • Gain real-time control over (estimated) arrival and departure times
  • Insights of time spent on location by the subcontractor
  • Information flow between back-office and external truck drivers is executed smoothly
  • All communication documented and processed centrally
  • Manage your subcontracted loads as if they were transported by your own fleet
  • A single dispatcher is capable of managing up to 50% more trucks by automating workflows

Smart insights to improve your performance

Business Analytics provide detailed, reliable and insightful information and reports about the loads you outsource to subcontractors and enable continuous improvement cycles and reduce costs while increasing service levels.

  • Real-time feedback from the road, made insightful in powerful reports
  • Manage all your loads as if they were transported by your own fleet
  • Know exactly where all of your assets are and how their drivers execute their route
  • Avoid disputes with drivers and customers
  • Create insights in historical trips and driver activities
Subcontractor management by Arniella
"Subcontractors are managed like they were part of our own fleet"

"Subcontractor management made easy"

“With Astrata's Driver Telematics App we are better able to manage and monitor our subcontracted transport. The app allows us to integrate all the relevant management information into our back-office. Communication with our subcontractors’ drivers has never been so easy.”

Juan Fernández
Director Purchasing and Maintenance, Arniella S.A.
Also looking to increase subco management control?

Our key products and features

Enabling you to create better and more profitable business processes with subcontractors

Driver Telematics App

With the Driver Telematics App you can stay connected with everyone who is driving for you with the use of a smartphone or tablet. So you have immediate insights in the vehicles location and control the effectiveness of the subcontracted trip.


Messaging and workflow are designed to put your operation in the drivers’ seat. Automating your logistics process brings huge efficiency advantages and allows you to streamline, store and organise all communication and assignments in one fleet management or TMS system.

Vehicle and trip information

Vehicle and trip information reporting offers clear insights in the fleet and asset utilization as well as trip information, creating the tools and control needed for more effective usage of assets.


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