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Route Control

Save detours, cost and time.

  • How well are your drivers executing your route plans?
  • Are toll costs impacting your bottom line?
  • Can you increase service levels by creating insights around ETA?

Astrata fleet management solutions give you real-time visibility of how the day's plan is progressing, increasing your customer service levels.


Plan the most optimal transport route

  • Route control puts you in control to immediately guide your drivers using your predetermined route avoiding toll costs, road works, traffic jams, imposed routing by customers or legislation.
  • Route control reduces unnecessary driving and ‘empty’ kilometres avoiding traffic jams, road works, unnecessary toll roads and bridge or tunnel restrictions.
  • Route Control enables geofencing for a specific truck or route alerting the back-office of deviations. Reducing the chance of theft or not complying with legislation.
  • Your route control fully integrates with order management tools executing preferred routes easily.
  • Route Control reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and improves predictability for both transporters and customers.
  • Route Control Improves driver productivity by reducing waiting times and tightening schedules.

Smart insights to improve your performance

Take real-time control from the back-office

  • Learn how far a truck or driver has driven over a selectable time period
  • Learn how a driver and vehicle performed per trip or day
  • Get fixed KPI’s to measure and improve your fleet performance
  • Quickly locate lost assets and learn where they were and how long
  • Measure the effectiveness of your planning vs execution
  • Prove the executed route and load characteristics when needed
  • Learn when and where you can reduce Toll costs in the future

Results Matter

Route Control enables full route execution control to reduce costs and improve efficiency for:

“We noticed that more and more customers were requesting information on the exact location of their goods and actual delivery times. We choose Route Control by Astrata not only for the favourable pricing, but also for the scalability of the on-board solution from Astrata for both the back-office as well as for the drivers.”

Jean-Charles Ruiz
fleet manager Lacassagne transport

“The data made ​​available by the fleet management system is an important source of information when planning routes for the dispatchers. Additionally customers can access the data of the vehicle with the cargo intended for them when needed and know exactly when the cargo arrives. With the application of Astrata I can create my POI’s as I need them to provide the high services levels we offer our customers.“
Ricardo Heidel
Telematik-Beauftragter bei GEORGI
Partner of TAPA

“The drivers really appreciate the advantages of navigation using an on-board computer from Astrata, which allows data concerning the order to be directly transferred into the system. Also, Route Control by Astrata is the perfect solution for us – no matter whether we want to keep an eye on driving and rest times, or want to transfer data for a new order, or if we need to locate a truck urgently.”

Gerhard Sieger
Telematics manager Schwander Transport

Our key products and features

Enabling full route control and improved fleet effectiveness


FleetFence offers you the best possible information on subcontractor performance, enabling you to improve on-time delivery, increase customer satisfaction and helps you maximise your operating results. Gain insight in ETA’s, and compare your subcontractors performance, independable of their telematics system.


FleetVisor shows you all your vehicles’ and drivers’ performance metrics in clear and understandable graphics: everything you need to know to eliminate waste and maximise productivity. FleetVisor is so easy to use, you will be making savings and improving operations from day one.

Eco Tax

Quickly calculate the eco-tax involved when driving a selected route. Never pay to much and use the most beneficial route, avoiding toll roads all together.


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