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Driver Hours

Manage Driver Time. Manage Profitability.

  • How efficient do you utilize your available driver time?
  • How do you comply with the ever-changing EU regulations?
  • How much time and resources do you spend on non-core business processes?

With Astrata fleet management solutions you can improve efficiency, easily comply with legislation and reduce cost.


Save time & comply with legislation

  • Helps drivers to meet European legislation’s strict requirements on driving, resting and working times – which also improves safety while helping to avoid punitive fines.
  • Astrata’s Remote Tachograph Download Service (RTDS) replaces time-consuming manual in-cab downloads with an automatic, scheduled and secured service.
  • RTDS service increases driver utilisation and gives more time for deliveries by (for example) Bay Logistik from Germany is saving €400 per year per truck using RTDS alone.
  • Optimizing compliance with international legislation by informing drivers about legislation for the country they are driving in and utilizing driver capacity real-time.

Smart insights to improve your performance

  • Keep track of you fleet’s and drivers performance
  • Get accurate data to improve your business processes
  • Get fixed KPI’s to measure and improve your fleet performance
  • Maximise your driver utilisation
  • Ensure your drivers are driving legally compliant
  • Provides structured input to process your drivers pay-check easily

Results Matter

Driver Hours improves fleet efficiency for these customers:


“Impossible to go back to the old situation. More frequent controls and ever changing regulations have made RTDS a necessary tool. We had vehicles and drivers that constantly needed to return to the home base to manually download the driver card data and mass memory data from the digital tachographs. Today, thanks to RTDS, we can avoid this problem and our drivers can keep on driving."

Jean- Charles Ruiz,
Fleet Manager
Lacassagne transport

ETA and driver management

“The advantage being that we have a more reliable basis for planning. We do not need to worry about our deliveries being stranded on the route because the driver has used up his driving time. This gives us even more flexibility in planning.”

Günther Bulla
head of operations at Temmel

Our key products and features


Ever thought what a difference it would make to have an easy, secure and automated driver card and mass memory download process? RTDS enables fleet managers to download driver card and mass memory data remotely, securely and seamlessly with the company card still inserted in the back office.

Advanced Driver Behaviour reporting

Astrata’s Advanced Driver Behaviour Reporting (ADBR) enables you to reduce fuel consumption significantly. Besides cutting fuel consumption this improves driving safety and reduces maintenance bills and environmental footprint.

Driver Watch

Keeps the back-office informed of driver working times and alerts when a driver is close to break driving time regulations


FleetVisor shows you all your vehicles’ and drivers’ performance metrics in clear and understandable graphics: everything you need to know to eliminate waste and maximise productivity. FleetVisor is so easy to use, you will be making savings and improving operations from day one.


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