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Easy and secure Communication between your drivers and back-office

  • Are your drivers a vital part of your business process?
  • How do you ensure you keep phone and roaming costs down?
  • How often do you feel the need for improved communication processes?

Learn how Astrata fleet management significantly reduces communication costs and improves business processes and document flows.

Cut back-office costs and improve the quality of your business processes

Ensure business processes are automated and executed as planned simply using your TMS.


  • Always connected and in touch with your drivers
  • Messages are simple and consistent, structured, easily customised, and in multiple languages.
  • Workflow & messaging helps ensure the right documentation is signed, scanned and transmitted digitally.
  • Workflow & messaging reduces communication costs up to 80%
  • A single dispatcher is capable of managing up to 50% more trucks by automating workflows
  • Improves utilization rate of driver time up to 10%
  • Open integration with over 50 Transport Management Solutions
  • Workflow & messaging helps you optimize your invoice processes and thus improves your cash flow 

Smart insights to improve your performance

Streamline your business operation with real-time insights

  • Working time and waiting times are made insightful to the back office.
  • You can calculate the actual order costs and compare them with the forecast.
  • The fleet management system offers detailed insights to increase fleet and order efficiency
  • Driver and Dispatch utilisation is increased
  • All data on order execution is stored for future reference
  • You can make strategic decisions based on actual and real-time data
  • Integration allows operational data coming from the driver to be available for strategic analysis
  • Allows you to differentiate based on proven service levels
  • Creates insights in where to place strategic investments


Hear what other people say about our solutions

"Workflow works"

“We have to communicate with drivers in anything from eight to ten different languages, and the Astrata solution helps here too. We now simply use macros to generate pre-formatted messages in the relevant language. A message from the German planning office is automatically translated into Hungarian, for example.”

Thomas Schmidt
Manager Road Traffic and Information Technology, Karl Schmidt

"Improved Customer service"

“Astrata’s technology enables us to achieve significant improvements in route and itinerary management and offers substantial benefits in day-to-day management and customer service.” 

José Ramón Mazo
Managing Director, Grupo Transportes Mazo

"Optimises processes significantly"

"The onboard computer from Astrata helps our international drivers to communicate in their own languages with the various European offices, leaving no room for misinterpretations. In addition, the back-office can monitor and control the driver’s route in real-time, removing the burden of route management from the driver, and reducing wasted kilometers and time using FleetVisor."

Ben Vos
CFO Vos Logistics
Our key products and features
Enabling smooth communication and business processes, all over the transport and logistics market


Messaging and workflow are designed to put your operation in the drivers’ seat. Automating your logistics process brings huge efficiency advantages and allows you to streamline, store and organise all communication and assignments in one fleet management or TMS system.


Free form messaging allows you to share information on an ad-hoc basis with any connected on-board computer or Driver Telematics App. For easy and direct communication and information exchange.

TMS integration

Fully integrate your fleet management with your business processes. Improve your driver and dispatch utilization and execute orders directly from your transport management system.

Central inbox

The central inbox allows dispatchers to collaborate and improve the business efficiency, directly communicating with drivers and subcontractors.


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