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Building bridges & Integrations
Seamless and automated back-office integration

Did you know that:

  • Astrata has more than 50 strong TMS integrations?
  • We have a dedicated integration team focussing on new and improving existing integrations?
  • We are open to build integrations to specific requests?

Integration increases the Potential of Fleet Management

Integration with your Transport Management System makes your back-office and your drivers much more efficient...

Every aspect of fleet management – including dispatch planning systems, route optimisation and salary administration can be integrated into Astrata solutions.


Astrata focusses on building the best possible integrations with the biggest Transport Management Systems across Europe. With over 50 existing integrations with Europe's biggest suppliers, there is always the right match to be found.


Our customers have experienced various benefits of strong, reliable integrations with their TMS or APS (Advanced Planning Systems), such as:


  • Greatly improved customer service
  • Much faster response time
  • Enhanced capacity
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved accuracy
  • Staying competitive
  • Better use of staff time
Together we're Better: Integration
We have existing, reliable and effective integrations with:
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Where can we impact your business?

Our key products

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Our key products and features
Fleet Management products that can easily be integrated with your TMS


FleetVisor shows you all your vehicles’ and drivers’ performance metrics in clear and understandable graphics: everything you need to know to eliminate waste and maximise productivity. FleetVisor is so easy to use, you will be making savings and improving operations from day one.


DriverLinc opens up a new generation of on-board computing and fleet management. Easy and intuitive to use while driving, while combining the power of a fleet management premium solutions provider with the power and mobile usage of the best working tablet available on the market today.


FleetFence offers you the best possible information on subcontractor performance, enabling you to improve on-time delivery, increase customer satisfaction and helps you maximise your operating results. Gain insight in ETA’s, and compare your subcontractors performance, independable of their telematics system.

How our customers feel about us...

Hear what other people say about our solutions

“As an early adopter of first-generation telematics solution EutelTRACS, back in 1991, Vos Logistics has developed itself into an innovative logistics provider. The strength of the company lies in its combination of innovative skills in both transport and logistics, and a sharp focus on quality and service.


We chose Astrata again as our fleet management provider because of its outstanding and reliable service at attractive prices. Together we can develop new and innovative products that are designed to fit our needs and contribute to our high degree of customer satisfaction, enabling prompt delivery times, low loss rates and value for money.”

Ben Vos
CFO Vos Logistics

“Astrata’s technology enables us to achieve significant improvements in route and itinerary management and offers substantial benefits in day-to-day management and customer service. Simply using our TMS we can control our fleet operations and provide additional fleet information to the back-office team. This makes us much more effective, both on the road as well in the dispatch teams.” 

José Ramón Mazo
Managing Director, Grupo Transportes Mazo
Astrata knows how to integrate

Are you ready to experience integration that enables your business to be more effective? An integrated system that allows you to cut operational and overhead costs by up to 20%? Astrata is the right partner, get to know us!

Our strategic partners...
Committed to your success 24/7

Astrata and BP deliver state-of-the-art fleet management for BP customers, incl. industry unique offers like Secure Fuelling & Site Advice.


Astrata and IVECO partner to offer unique and integrated telematics services in the IVECO STRALIS HI-WAY models.


Fleet Performance is a complete turnkey fleet management solution. It provides services and equipment to efficiently manage a vehicle fleet and mobile assets.


A single solution that unites the Shell FuelSave Partner fuel management system with the advanced Astrata fleet management services.


VDO offers a dedicated fleet management offering using FleetVisor, DriverLinc and TruckLinc to enable modern and effective fleet management for VDO customers.


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