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The smartest way to focus on
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DriverLinc Split Screen




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DriverLinc Coach

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The most efficient on-board computer available


Intuitive, extremely effective, built to last

Introducing a fundamental redesign of driver-side operations, DriverLinc® opens up a new generation of on-board computing and fleet management. Easy and intuitive to use while driving, while combining the power of our fleet management premium solutions with the power and mobility of the best working tablet available on the market today.



DriverLinc® focuses on the driver to perform better and more agile, it has a split screen showing maps on the left and large icons/widgets on the right that your driver just taps to show or speak aloud assignments and other information.



Our Driver Hours software ensures that your drivers stay compliant with driving, working and resting time, even with indicators for extended driving time.



Workflow automates all your drivers' back office communications and allows for detailed assignments and information are shared. So your drivers spend more time doing what they're best at – driving. 



Driver Coach makes them experts in fuel efficient and safe driving practices. Direct feedback of 13 Driver Behaviour indicators give the drivers real-time control over their fuel consumption and raises awareness significantly!



TomTom Navigation, HD traffic and free lifetime map updates guarantee that your driver takes the best route to the destination now and into the future.

“What a great tool, the DriverLinc makes my day a lot easier especially the new Assignment feature brings pace in my actions.”

-Steven Kurs, Driver at Hindelang Logistics


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Driver display portfolio

Matching the needs of our customers


DriverLinc® display family is a generation of high-end driver on-board devices. Each of the displays enables the transport and logistics company to use selected functionalities, from basic range to the most advanced – all to match the solution to the actual needs of the customer.


Your transport company may choose between DriverLinc+®, DriverLinc® and DriverLinc Light® to equip its fleet in the most suitable way to perform all activities faster and smoother.   


DL portfolio

Astrata DriverLInc4

Productivity improvements start in-cab

  • Use the right tool for high in-cab efficiency. DriverLinc will guide your drivers along the best truck-friendly routes, with simple navigation, real-time traffic updates and turn-by-turn spoken instructions given in the driver’s native language. 


  • Enjoy rugged hardware and software. Much more robust than consumer-grade devices, DriverLinc withstands truck conditions – including heat from the sun beating down on it through the cab window. The Astrata software is robust and secure, too, so downloaded apps won’t interfere with tablet operation.
LIGT-6824 Testimonial Private

Out-of-cab benefits bring more savings

  • Save time at customer drop-offs. The DriverLinc+® tablet captures images to confirm safe delivery, and scans customer signatures and potentially barcodes. There is no time-consuming paperwork and drivers work faster and more effectively. A 360° camera gives an instant, real-time view of surroundings and other road users. 


  • Leverage the lifetime of the tablet. Your drivers can read documents, show photos and play videos. Data is stored safely, and this personal use encourages drivers to take good care of the tablet.
DriverLinc® by Astrata
Astrata offers more effective fleet management for transport and logistics companies of all sizes.

Benefit from the services in DriverLinc®

The on-board computer that delivers real power to your fleet and operations


DriverLinc® offers mobile power to your driver and total transport operation. DriverLinc intuitive user interface design, out-of-cab usage and effective in-cab services ensure a quick ROI on your investment. Benefit from these services by integrating DriverLinc into your mobile operation:


All Screens

  • Split screen with dynamic widgets and
    navigation in one screen
  • Text to speech functionality
  • Dedicated Workflow
  • Free-form Messaging
  • Driver Hours overview
  • Driver Hours details
  • Driver Coach
  • Vehicle Camera
  • Picture Capturing
  • Full screen TomTom Navigation
  • Media
  • Signature Capturing
  • Contextual help
  • And much, much more...

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Our FleetVisor® Fleet Management System gives managers real-time overview and control of drivers and assets. FleetVisor shows you all your vehicles’ and drivers’ performance metrics in clear figures and simple graphics: everything you need to know to eliminate waste and maximise productivity.


Simple and scalable from 1 to 10.000 drivers and trucks, FleetVisor® is fully integrated with over 75 Transport Management System suppliers.


FleetVisor® improves your business on three levels: operational overview, management control and business insights. And almost uniquely within the industry, it is backwards compatible for easy upgrade.


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