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Happy Drivers, Customers

Enhance driver experience with new DriverLinc

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Attract, Engage, Retain Drivers.

Supply-chain, logistics and transportation of goods are the backbone

of the global economy. Drivers are the determinant force of this

business cycle. They are the key to successful operations, particularly

with the right tools that connect the operations in the field

with the backend. We put drivers first and further improved the

overall in-cab out-of-cab experience with our lightweight Android-based

tablet which offers user-centric design, top software quality and

durable rugged hardware to assist them with driver performance and

productivity. Our intuitive mobile solution, DriverLinc, is specially

developed with and for professional drivers.









For your business
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Real-time control on fuel consumption
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Use of optimal routes and reduced mileage and toll-road tariffs
  • More automation, less human error
  • Reduced costs and optimized efficiency
  • Easy implementation with your operational infrastructure
  • Enhanced strategic decision-making capability in the long-run with more insight on your business
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Connecting Drivers

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Connecting Tunes

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The team at Astrata joined forces to create some music playlists to help you stay positive whilst on the road and at home! If you're on the road every day, boost your wellbeing with

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Happy drivers make happy customers - coming right
out of the box! Check out the DriverLinc unboxing video.

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