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It's all about connectivity, integration and simplicity


Stop the data overload, get clear information

The DataLinc service reduces the complexity of your data streams and gives you meaningful information so it's easier for you to make decisions

Get your data in a single platform


Combine the data streams from different 3rd party devices in and around the vehicle in a single platform

Easily monitor your operations


Monitor real-time information from your vehicles, your subcontractors, and the status of your cargo at a glance

Better inform your business


Explore your operational data in new  combinations in order to improve your decision making


We transform your data clutter into clear information

Combine the different data streams into a single platform for visualisation

We integrate the data,


With our ever-expanding list of more than 100 data integration partners, we can connect your data from different 3rd party devices in and around the vehicle and bring it together.

enhance and simplify it,


We add our know-how and intelligence  to transform the data into simple, relevant information 



and make it useful


We present you the information via one of our mobile applications, SaaS platform, or  API and can help you to define what’s best for you with our professional consultancy service