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We help you effortlessly manage your operations with paperless data communication. Seamlessly connect your employees, clients and subcontractors into your workflow to make life easier.


Mission Planner Platform


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Process Management is one key factor for raising the level of productivity and efficiency within an organisation!

The Mission Planner platform runs independently under the Astrata platform with its robustness.

Connect to your customized Workflow via Mission Planner-Interface REST protocol through POST requests steer the dataflow to retrieve or send information.

The workflow configuration file is synchronised with all mobile devices within your fleet by using push technology.

You have full control over your Mission Planner Workflow Process App, in terms of content & design.


Stand-alone workflow management app

  • Be completely independent of hardware or software solutions.
  • Integration with different back-office software platforms.
  • Create & deploy processes over the air.
  • Compatible with any Android tablet/smartphone.


Pro-active process flow

  • Generate clear processes for everyone working for and with you.
  • Define operations with an optimized flow that also adapts to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Define formats, types, constraints and conditions to precisely meet your goals.


Driver-centred design

  • Simplify the complexity of workload without compromising details.
  • Engage users through a state-of-the-art user interface.
  • Organize & document the work and avoid errors.
  • Reduce user errors.


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Standalone app working with any telematics system, any tablet or smartphone, and any back-office software


include multiple images, interactive form, scanned document/barcode, and digital signature 


Connected to any TMS and telematics system to include external inputs to your workflows 


Significant costs reduction thanks to the prevention of human mistakes via paperless data communication


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