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Georgi Transporte

In line with the company’s philosophy, GEORGI Transporte goes for the most modern technology and professional trained personnel, therefore the management of GEORGI Transporte has selected Astrata’s DriverLinc+® tablets to equip 300 trucks with the aim to boost their operational efficiency and driver training, especially around their Key Performance Indicators: transport punctuality and transport security.

"Operational excellence with Fleet Management"

With over 2500 vehicles on the road, Astrata and Waberer optimize the effectiveness of the fleet, its assets and drivers on a daily basis. With on-board units in every vehicle the driver and the back-office experience full and real-time connectivity as well as dedicated workflows and driver hour optimisation.

Ritter Trans
"Just-in-time deliveries? We can, with FleetVisor"

Ritter Trans delivers quality and operates following the Just-In-Time principle, reducing the need for storage and additional transport movements. To deliver in such high quality, Ritter Trans integrates FleetVisor web portal with their TMS SAP Enterprise Resource Planning system in a very efficient manner.

Den Hartogh

Fleet management plays a big part in the way Den Hartogh ensures that their transport operations are managed in real-time and that safety risks are reduced. Astrata and Den Hartogh collaborate as partners to create insight in a large scale of risk factors that might lead to accidents or spills of the transported goods. That's what we call effective fleet management.


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Vos Logistics

"The strength of the company lies in its combination of innovative skills in both transport and logistics, and a sharp focus on quality and service.

We chose Astrata again as our fleet management provider because of its outstanding and reliable service at attractive prices. Together we can develop new and innovative products that are designed to fit our needs and contribute to our high degree of customer satisfaction, enabling prompt delivery times, low loss rates and value for money.”

Ben Vos
CFO Vos Logistics

Hermanos Laredo

"Astrata helps us achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, using the KPI reports and Driver Coach. In addition to offering key commercial advantages, this can also be seen as reaffirmation of our commitment to the environment."

Santiago Laredo
Hermanos Laredo

Georgi Transporte

„All in all, the system must work at all times. That’s why we have chosen DriverLinc+ from Astrata. And what is important, it’s not only a system of today, but it is also a future-proof solution, which we are pleased to go with into tomorrow.“

Hubert Hohl
Georgi Transporte

F. Ramos

“We have been investigating how to improve the efficiency of our operation and offer a better service to our customers for years, especially for long-haul international shipments, for which control of the fuel consumption of every vehicle is vital to reducing operating costs. We see significantly improvement over time using the Business Analytics in FleetVisor.”

Ignacio Ramos
Purchasing Manager, F. Ramos
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FleetVisor shows you all your vehicles’ and drivers’ performance metrics in clear and understandable graphics: everything you need to know to eliminate waste and maximise productivity. FleetVisor is so easy to use, you will be making savings and improving operations from day one.

Driver Telematics App

With the Driver Telematics App you can stay connected with everyone who is driving for you with the use of a smartphone or tablet. So you have immediate insights in the vehicles location and control the effectiveness of the subcontracted trip.

Driver Coach

Driver Coach can help your drivers to reduce their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while also increasing road and driver safety. The real-time driver coaching in-cab, based on the behavioural targets per driver, steer your drivers to their ‘ideal’ driving behaviour. Resulting in up to 8% less fuel consumption!


Ever thought what a difference it would make to have an easy, secure and automated driver card and mass memory download process? RTDS enables fleet managers to download driver card and mass memory data remotely, securely and seamlessly with the company card still inserted in the back office.


Messaging and workflow are designed to put your operation in the drivers’ seat. Automating your logistics process brings huge efficiency advantages and allows you to streamline, store and organise all communication and assignments in one fleet management or TMS system.

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Astrata and BP deliver state-of-the-art fleet management for BP customers, incl. industry unique offers like Secure Fuelling & Site Advice.


Astrata and IVECO partner to offer unique and integrated telematics services in the IVECO STRALIS HI-WAY models.


VDO offers a dedicated fleet management offering using FleetVisor, DriverLinc and TruckLinc to enable modern and effective fleet management for VDO customers.

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