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Telematics going mobile


Ever thought how more efficient it would be if the communications between you and your subcontractors were more streamlined?


Astrata offers a cost-effective and easy solution allowing you to communicate directly with your subcontractors. It helps you control your transport more by adding flexibility, and leads to improved customer satisfaction.


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The smartest way to focus on your subcontractors

Get in control of your fleet and operational costs and significantly increase your drivers’ efficiency


Every day, customers entrust you with their valuable cargoes. It is important to have the right information available at any moment showing the progress and status of every trip, particularly those involving subcontractors. It is essential that you are able to immediately see how far your subcontractors are from their destinations and if trips are running as effectively as possible. This enables you to provide your customers with the required information more rapidly, and to monitor your costs more effectively.


Real-time data for real benefits

The Astrata AppLinc is a cost-effective smartphone app that gives you all the relevant management information that you need about your subcontractors at all times. It provides you with real-time data on the progress of each trip, such as location, load information, plus status, and workflow. With the free-messaging option drivers can immediately inform you of any changes affecting the transport job. You have the information right at your fingertip to keep your customers informed of changes regarding the estimated time of arrival (ETA). 


A single user interface

The app also offers a solution for vehicles in your own fleet that are not equipped with a telematics solution, but occasionally requires one. If you operate a mixed fleet, the Astrata AppLinc is an ideal complement for both equipped and non-telematics supported vehicles. In addition, the single user interface of the FleetVisor web portal enables you to monitor and fine-tune every detail of your daily operations.


Download it from Google Play: Google Play


Discover your benefits

Start using AppLinc today and let your business benefit in multiple areas


  • Increase your back office performance
  • Monitor all subcontractors and have easy access to real-time information about vehicle journeys and loads, same as if they were in your own fleet.
  • Manage all transport movements, allowing for real-time decision-making wherever necessary and eliminating any dependence on outdated information or missing subcontractor inputs.
  • Perform detailed evaluations of subcontractor performance and monitor compliance with service level agreements.
  • Facilitate the validation of invoice details from and to subcontractors.
Cost control begins with reliable information


Proactively update your customers and respond to their questions on load status
at any time!


Download it from Google Play: Google Play

Subcontractor management by Arniella
"Subcontractors are managed like they were part of our own fleet"

"Subcontractor management made easy"

"With Astrata's AppLinc we are better able to manage and monitor our subcontracted transport. The app allows us to integrate all the relevant management information into our back-office. Communication with our subcontractors’ drivers has never been so easy."

Juan Fernández
Director Purchasing and Maintenance, Arniella S.A.