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Enterprise and Government rely on Astrata’s solutions to manage and optimize operations, increase safety and security, and increase efficiency and profitability.



High value cargo solutions

SecureLinc provides customers with the ability to obtain the highest-level TAPA (Technology Asset Protection Association) security certification (FSR), which drastically saves on the cost of air-freight by allowing for secure over-land transport through high risk areas.

SecureLinc provides location, heading and speed data and also employs motion sensors, electronic locks, biometric identification and video and audio technologies to guarantee that the cargo reaches its destination intact and undamaged. Cargo doors are remotely or automatically unlocked whenever the vehicle enters approved geofences at set times and are automatically locked again when the vehicle leaves the approved location.

Cargo and drivers are protected by video cameras which capture 360° footage whenever cargo doors are opened, or other violations are detected.

Vehicle routes can be remotely set to stay within specific routes or avoid, high risk zones and. Alerts can be sent to key personnel via SMS or email when routes are not complied with.

Data is encrypted and sent over the air to a government-grade secure data centre. SecureLinc can also be hosted within the customer’s own facilities.



Cold Chain Management Solutions

ColdLinc provides real time monitoring of cargo throughout the transport or delivery process and allows action to be taken if the integrity of the cargo has been or is about to be compromised.

The system can be configured to monitor temperature ranges of multiple compartments (such as frozen, cold, and fresh), with real-time exception based alerts. ColdLinc can also provide alerts when a reefer trailer or container is open and log the amount of time it remains open. The system provides for automatic recording and alerting of variances to corporate/product standards, with all data stored for on-demand report retrieval for audit and compliance purposes.

ColdLinc is the real-time Cold Chain Management solution of choice for customers in the food retail and pharmaceutical industries.



Enterprise Management Software

Astrata’s powerful management software solution–ADAMS™— optimizes business operations and integrates multiple data sources into a single platform. ADAMS allows business to streamline operations, increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance safety and security. Highly configurable to meet a business’s needs, ADAMS provides features that are typically found across multiple systems.

ADAMS™ modules cover all your company’s core operations and processes, including dispatch and delivery, maintenance, inventory, purchasing, resource loading, asset control and scheduling.

For instance, the Dispatch and Delivery Module optimizes scheduling, dispatch and delivery processes from inception, through execution to completion. This module manages dispatch orders, calculates optimal route plans, and optimizes the selection of vehicle and driver based on an array of data including location, maintenance status and driver details during delivery, ADAMS™ manages ETA, route deviation, manifest integrity and cargo security, while providing real-time progress updates. In-cab, drivers receive their delivery and route instructions as well as performance status via an in-vehicle tablet or handheld device.

ADAMS™ is designed to process data pulled from other systems such as ERP, FMS, TMS, and HR, providing dynamic, real-time optimization across all business functions

Major airlines, international logistics companies and multinationals rely on ADAMS™ to manage and optimize their operations.



Advanced Fleet Management System

Reduce risk, increase efficiency and control costs with AFMS. Quickly and easily access critical driver and vehicle information, in real-time, to make ‘in-flight’ interventions. Major national corporations use Astrata’s powerful web interface as an integral part of their operation to improve productivity, safety and ensure regulatory compliance.

AFMS integrates with your back-office systems enabling you to link despatch, delivery and inventory management with your fleet operations.

A powerful data analytics and reporting tool provides access to historical driver and vehicle data. Reports are available on demand and can be set to a scheduled frequency and then emailed for your convenience.

Users can easily configure AFMS to their specific requirements, with an array of exception-based violation alerts. Easily monitor vehicle location, speed, current heading and identify the driver – giving dynamic management of all fleet sizes with the minimum office resource.

Astrata’s fleet management solutions are relied upon by some of the largest fleet operators in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.


Driver Safety, Scoring and Profiling

Improve driver performance and fleet safety. IVMS uses the latest telematics technology to continuously monitor potentially dangerous driving such as vehicle and road overspeed, harsh-braking, harsh-acceleration and harsh-cornering

Data gathered can be presented as reports, interactive dashboards, and real time notifications or via a live vehicle feed, with real time alerts and feedback directly to drivers.

A special feature of Astrata IVMS is the Astrata proprietary ‘black box’ event recorder which collects high frequency data before and after a detected collision or other incident, providing the ability to reconstruct accidents, determine cause and fault, and streamline insurance claims and HR actions.

By providing a standardized and unbiased means of driver scoring and profiling, which includes automatically comparing drivers’ performance to the top drivers amongst their peers, Astrata IVMS is an indispensable safety solution for major multinationals, that allows consistent driver safety performance scoring regardless of location, country or region.

Astrata IVMS is deployed as a critical safety solution for several major oil and gas companies across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle-East.


Ground Operations Crew Transportation

For Airlines & Airports

Several of the world’s leading airlines and airports rely on Astrata to optimize their ground operations, including vehicle dispatch and management, emergency services, equipment maintenance and just-in-time air crew transportation.

Astrata provides a fully-integrated and Automated Scheduling, Management and Control of Passenger and Crew Ground Transport solution. The system instructs the bus operator about the route, schedule, location and crew details for all crew collections as well as monitoring driver safety performance. The system interfaces with airport and airline Systems to dynamically update route and schedule against flight schedules and crew leave roster, to prevent delays or impact to flight schedules.

Motorised and non-motorised equipment are tracked and monitored to accurately locate equipment inside of covered areas to prevent theft and unauthorised movements, improve utilization and planning.

Ground crews use handheld devices and Astrata’s app, to improve communications, get real time updates, capture and report equipment defects. This information, which includes images and video clips, are combined with vehicle breakdown reports and added to maintenance job orders, allowing parts to be pre-ordered.


iFleet Response

Emergency Responder Solutions

iFleet Response enables the emergency services to optimise performance of emergency service vehicles—including fire trucks, ambulances, and EMTs.  iFleet dynamically extends the reach of command centre dispatchers through real-time monitoring and video streaming, allowing for rapid deployment of the appropriate vehicle.

iFleet provides a comprehensive, real-time and actionable view of all emergency vehicle operations, while ensuring driver safety and operator compliance.

iFleet Response ensures that the responding vehicles operate safely and in the unfortunate case of an accident involving a responding vehicle the system will provide vital location, speed, heading, audio and video data to aid the investigation of the incident.

Astrata i-Fleet also provides powerful analytics and data gathered can be used to plan the location of new emergency response centres and vehicle roaming more effectively, thereby reducing response times even further.


iFleet Reserve

Integrated Pool Vehicle Management Solutions

iFleet Reserve optimizes pool vehicle usage, reducing costs, increasing availability and reducing fleet size. iFleet identifies vehicle over and underutilization and dynamically assigns vehicles. Trips departing and arriving at the same locations at similar times are flagged for ride-sharing - improving efficiency and environmental impact.

Vehicles can be booked through online and accessed with an electronic key. iFleet Reserve including live tracking, automated trip reservation and authorization, and a comprehensive view of the status of each booking, driver status and vehicle location—all in real-time.

Vehicles are assigned using several parameters - including vehicle type, booking date, driver status, licence type, available vehicle stock, and vehicle maintenance status. Post trip reports can be reviewed with the driver before the vehicle is accepted back. Video ‘black box’ location event data can be extracted and linked to accident or incident logs and with supporting witness statements and investigators’ conclusions.

iFleet provides additional functionality including service reminders, workshop job requests, detailed asset and driver record database, parts inventory and maintenance history. By linking information such as service schedules, operator license type, location data, and video, the system is able to optimize pool vehicle use.

iFleet is the system of choice for the most demanding of enterprise and government customers, including the Government of Singapore.



Hazardous Materials Transport, National Security and Public Safety System


In today’s world, the real and present danger of vehicles transporting hazardous materials being used by terrorists cannot be underestimated. Governments such as Singapore’s rely on Astrata HTVTS to ensure the safety and security of their people against this risk.

HTVTS (Hazmat Transport Vehicle Tracking and Controlling System) ensures that vehicles transporting hazardous materials operate on pre-approved routes and at pre-approved times using precise geofencing and route management and control features. HTVTS includes safe automatic vehicle immobilization immediately following a violation. HTVTS is the most advanced national security and public safety system of its kind in the world today.

HTVTS prevents hazardous-cargo from being transported near or around sensitive areas such as highly populated zones, educational institutions, government buildings and shopping malls

HTVTS ensures vehicles travel on specific corridors and routes, which can be reconfigured over the air at any time. Zones can be configured to restrict entry or exit and cover specific road segments, city block(s) or entire cities.